VIDEO: Jubilee Gardens evacuated as smoke from dump fire chokes residents

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March 06, 2017

JUBILEE Gardens residents have been evacuated after a "massive" blaze broke out on Sunday at the city dump sending plumes of choking smoke billowing over parts of New Providence. Emergency services were tackling the fire from early afternoon and the Flamingo Gardens clinic will stay open until 9pm to help residents suffering from smoke inhalation as the Princess Margaret Hospital Accident and Emergency Department was said to be "overflowing".

Fire chief Assistant Superintendent Walter Evans said the fire at the landfill was producing "heavy amounts" of smoke and called for all of the residents of Jubilee Gardens to evacuate and to seek safe shelter. He said the fire was being fuelled by the heavy winds of the past few days and he asked people to leave their homes and seek respite until the fire is extinguished...

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News date : 03/06/2017    Category : About Bahamians, Accident/Emergency, Tribune Stories

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