Supervision analyst of the Insurance Commission of The Bahamas achieves international designation

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January 17, 2017

The Insurance Commission of The Bahamas is pleased to announce the success of Carl R. Culmer Jr. in attaining the Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI) designation in December 2016.
This designation, established by the International Center for Captive Insurance Education, is both a challenging and comprehensive program of study for professionals within the captive insurance industry. Successful candidates are required to complete six core courses (now seven), two electives and three "hot-topic" webinars. The ACI program has become one of the leading online mechanisms for ensuring the continued growth and development of this industry.
Carl joined the Insurance Commission of The Bahamas in 2011 and currently holds the position of analyst in the general and external insurance area of the Insurance Regulation and Supervision Unit. He continues to be actively engaged in the licensing of captive insurance companies and their ongoing supervisory analysis. When asked about this outstanding accomplishment, Carl stated that: "As a regulatory analyst, there is a unique opportunity to see an entity's operations through a business's economic life cycle. The ACI courses provide the supplementary technical knowledge for one to gain an appreciation for the captive insurance business from the perspectives of the captive insurance owner, captive insurance manager, third-party service providers and supervisory authority. I am truly grateful to the Insurance Commission of The Bahamas for granting me the opportunity to attain the ACI designation, which reflects its ongoing commitment to both train and challenge its staff to achieve the highest standards of professionalism."

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News date : 01/17/2017    Category : Business, Nassau Guardian Stories

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