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December 14, 2016

The main story of Christmas is not about the lights, food, revelry, shopping or even the gifts. At the heart of Christmas is really the message of God sending a savior into the midst of people through his son, Jesus Christ. His son was sent to fulfill the rescue plan by growing up as a perfect man, dying on the cross for the sins of mankind and rising again from the dead three days later. This is the message directors of the upcoming 10-church production, "Tell the Story", hope that people take away.
"Christmas is about that message that we have hope, that we can find peace, real joy and meaning in life," said Anthone Wallace, who co-directs the United Christmas Production's heart-stirring dramatic musical and lights presentation with Pastor Cranston Knowles.
"Tell the Story" is an original script written by Knowles, featuring around 11 songs. It tells three stories, which encourage families to tell the story of Christmas to their children and grandchildren; tell the story of Jesus' birth, death and resurrection; and tell the story of the persecuted church and of those people who have no voice and who are dying for their faith in Jesus.
Wallace and Knowles give voice to the three stories through the production.
A 100-plus adult choir and a 50-plus children's choir will perform Knowles' songs. They will be incorporated into a light presentation in concert with the songs.
The drama portion of the production is based on a futuristic Bahamas. Wallace and Knowles transport the audience 100 years into the future, inviting them to imagine what The Bahamas might be like in 2116.
In delivering the message, the grandfather, who is meeting his grandchildren for the first time, is telling Renee, his granddaughter who is between nine and 12, and Josh his grandson, who is between the ages of seven and nine, what Christmas was like when he was growing up. Before meeting "Grandpa" they had never really been told the Christmas story.
The cast is 200-strong, including singers, actors and dancers.
Abundant Life Bible Church, Believers Gospel Chapel, Blue Hill Gospel Chapel, Calvary Bible Church, Central Gospel Chapel, East Street Gospel Chapel, Emmanuel Gospel Chapel, Englerston Gospel Chapel, Grace Community Church and New Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church are the 10 churches that have come together to stage "Tell the Story."
The production is scheduled for a four-day run, on December 18, 20, 22 and 23 at 7:30 p.m. at Christian Life Centre, JFK Drive. Admission is free, but the churches will be receiving donations each evening from audience members who want to help underwrite the cost of the production. It is anticipated the program will run at least 90 minutes.
Wallace, Knowles and the churches were also responsible for the hugely successful "Easter Song" production done in 2012 at the Grace Community Church Park in Palmetto Village. In that production, they addressed the journey to salvation that Christ made for his people in a unique meshing of talent and artistic forms.
"We wanted to do this production because we found there was value in the message of the music, and we wanted to do it because we thought it was time to come back to the nation with this gospel message at Christmas," said Wallace.
The only difference between "Tell the Story" and the "Easter Song", scale wise, is that they won't have an orchestra for this production.

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