Bahamas Rum Brands, Ricardo and Ole Nassau, Get New Logo and Packaging

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October 27, 2016

The popular Bahamian-produced rum Ricardo has gotten a makeover. Commonwealth Brewery Limited has unveiled the brand's new look and announced the initiative as part of its strategy to drive Ricardo into larger regional and international markets.

First produced over 20 years ago by Todhunter-Mitchell Distilleries, Ricardo has become the nation's top-ranked and top-poured Bahamian rum. The brand comprises four flavours -- coconut, banana, mango, pineapple -- and four classic favourites, 151, gold, white, and dark. Today, Ricardo's coconut flavour remains a local favourite and is considered the 'flagship' flavour of the brand.

Now, Commonwealth Brewery is hoping Ricardo's flavours and bold, new look will appeal to even more consumers.

Through the new look, Commonwealth Brewery seeks to propel Ricardo into today's age of competitive and contemporary marketing. The objective, Commonwealth Brewery Rum Category Manager Arianne Richardson explained, is to enhance Ricardo's brand identity to match its rich product offering, which rivals some of the world's most popular spirits. The new packaging boasts a more unified and refined feel and prominently features the brand's updated wordmark and sun icon, while retaining some imagery from its earlier labeling.

"The Ricardo brand has always been bright and colourful, reminiscent of many things in our culture, so we wanted to keep that element," Ms. Richardson said. "We needed to ensure that Ricardo's visual presence could compete with international brands. So we created a clean, sleek look for our classic rums and we added a bit of colour and personality for our fruit-flavoured rums. The result is a brand identity that is 'classically modern'. It's visually appealing and something Bahamians can be proud of."

Ricardo's redesign coincides with the recent updates of Ole Nassau Rum's labeling - a favourite among tourists who visit duty-free areas annually. Ole Nassau, which dates back to 1729, has undergone its own makeover to depict the iconic landscape of Nassau on its labels. Like Ricardo's new look, the updated Ole Nassau packaging has a modern feel with classic imagery, and reflects the range of premium tastes the brand offers.

For more information, visit the Ricardo Rum Facebook page at or follow Ricardo Rum's Instagram account @RicardoRum242.

Source: KeeniMedia Ltd.

News date : 10/27/2016    Category : Business

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