Grand Bahama United launches relief drive

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October 14, 2016

THE group Grand Bahama United has been formed to help bring immediate relief to the island with a long-term goal of advocating for the island’s further development, in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

Grand Bahama United (GBU) has organised a donation drive along with three staging facilities where individual donations can be collected and stored. These include New Providence Community Centre, Blake Road (primary location) that will receive donations from 7am-7pm, the Office of the Anglican Diocese, Sands Road that will receive donations 9am-6pm and Bahamas Striping at the BAIC Industrial Park, Abundant Life Road near Chelsea’s Choice, which will receive donations from 9am-6pm.

GBU is asking the public for their assistance in securing the following items: water, tarp, cots and bedding, feminine hygiene supplies, baby supplies (including diapers, wipes, etc), adult diapers, cleaning supplies, batteries, flashlights and battery operated lanterns, portable gas stoves and butane canisters, along with clothing (including new underwear).

Collection of items began on Thursday.

“GBU understands that many people in the capital were also severely impacted by these storms and may not be in the financial position to contribute the items above,” the group said. “Volunteers are needed, however, and the public is welcome to contribute through time. Volunteers are being scheduled in three-hour shifts at each location, organised by our volunteer manager D’Asante Beneby.

“GBU is signing up volunteers to give a helping hand in Nassau and in Freeport through the Facebook page Grand Bahama United.”

Grand Bahama United organiser Joseph Gaskins is grateful for the support already offered by corporate sponsors and the general public.

He said: “We are grateful for those who have already offered support including the corporate partners who are allowing us to use their facilities as well as Sky Bahamas, Western Air, Wide World Shipping and the Mail Boat Company who have agreed to assist with transport and The Bahamas Orthodontic Centre who has offered both volunteers and supplies.”

GBU invites other corporate donors to come on board including those that might be able to offer volunteers food and drinks.

For more information on the progress of the group, please visit of Hurricane Matthew.

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News date : 10/14/2016    Category : Community/Charity, Tribune Stories

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