Bahamian Certified 'Block Therapy' instructor to host retreat this weekend in GB

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September 19, 2016

The wellness world has a brand new, exciting, simple and efficient self-care technique that is gaining credibility as people around the world are experiencing its benefits. Countless individuals have had remarkable results in this cutting edge technique called Block Therapy, a bodywork practice that is a meditation, exercise and therapy all in one.

Rachael Aberle discovered Block Therapy while on a trip home to Freeport a year ago, and has since become a certified instructor. Her passion is to teach people how to self-care, empowering them to become their own health advocates. 

A certified Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, Body Talk System Practitioner and Raw Food Educator, Rachael recently became the first certified Block Therapy Instructor in the Bahamas and the entire Caribbean region. She teaches people how to use the “Block Buddy”, a handcrafted cedar block, to melt through frozen tissue in the body and create space for blood and oxygen flow to the cells. Block Therapy promotes healing at the cellular level, allowing people to move forward in the most healthy, peaceful way possible.

“It is a gift to be a conduit and witness to healing on such a deep level,” said Rachael. “And I have Deanna Hansen to thank for that!”

Deanna Hansen, a Certified Athletic Therapist and founder of Fluid Isometrics and Block Therapy, was 50 pounds overweight and was dealing with anxiety, depression and chronic pain. The harder she worked to get the body she wanted, the worse she looked and felt. She had a life changing moment in 2000 that led her to develop Block Therapy. While experiencing the worst of a series of anxiety attacks, Deanna intuitively pushed her hand into her abdomen and, at that moment, began a path of self-discovery. In a short period of time, her weight dropped, her chronic pain and issues improved and, most importantly, her depression and anxiety disappeared. She immediately began applying this to her existing patients and the results were immediate and outstanding. Block Therapy is the result of Deanna’s true passion to teach people how to self-care. She took what she did in the treatment room and translated it into this simple, efficient, and inexpensive approach.

The benefits of Block Therapy are immediate, waking up cells that have been starved of oxygen due to shallow breathing and frozen fascia holding our body out of alignment. Block Therapy helps issues ranging from migraines, digestive and respiratory disorders, back pain, hip, shoulder and neck pain, plantar fasciitis, chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety just to name a few. Block Therapy also helps to detoxify the body, and she and nutritionist and lifestyle coach Grace Vanberkum host health retreats around The Bahamas. 

Rachael travels to Nassau, Freeport and Eleuthera to hold full day Block Therapy workshops, this weekend she will return to her home island to coordinate a Gracious Living Lifestyle Mini Detox Retreat in Freeport this weekend, (Sept. 24th & 25th) at Taino Beach Resort. Participants will learn wellness tips and tricks to create a healthy, vibrant body through nutrition and Block Therapy. Visitors are travelling from Canada and the US to attend, and it is also open to locals.

Rachael recently travelled to Nassau to introduce Block Therapy to Studio Ohana, Energy Fitness, Club One in Albany. “I felt like a million dollars after the short session yesterday,” said Lemon Gorospe, Director of Golf at Albany. “I feel really good this morning.”

She will soon add Winding Bay in Abaco to her list as she will introduce Block Therapy to members and introduce the new Block Golf Fore program, designed to help Golfers improve their swing as well as prevent and heal golf related injuries. She will also host a “Eye on Health” for Solomon’s Fresh Market West in the near future.

Blocks can be ordered through her website, Her Facebook page BAHAMA BLOCK THERAPY lists workshop schedules and more information about Block Therapy.

Bahamian Certified ‘Block Therapy’ instructor to host retreat this weekend in GB 

Block Buddy - the key to new benefits

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