Beacon School students get into technology

Wed, Sep 14th 2016, 02:22 PM

At the start of the 2016/2017 academic school year The Beacon School received a much-needed donation of school supplies, inclusive of a number of electronic tablets to compliment their highly interactive classroom, which they have implemented this year.

The items were donated through a joint effort of the Collaborative Consulting Group, Fast Track Management, among others.

Managing Partner of Collaborative Consulting Group, Sonless Dorian Martin Jr. disclosed on Tuesday at the school’s campus that donations are nothing new for him and his team and finds great joy in giving back to the community in such a way.

“This is an initiative that we do every year. This year we partnered with quite a few organizations in Florida, to enlist additional assistance to partner with us to put this together. This is something that I am very passionate about. I have been doing it for a number of years and I will continue to do it.

“I was raised in Holmes Rock and I think that it is very important to come back and give to those less fortunate. I know that these supplies will last them a long time,” said Martin.

Questioned why he chose to give back to The Beacon School as opposed to any other learning institution on the island, Martin responded, “My cousin referred me to The Beacon School, many years ago, when Mrs. Cheryl Woods was principal. I have been donating to this school ever since and have developed a love and a passion for doing it.

“We brought composition books, colored pencils, crayons, tablets, folders and loose leaf paper. We received a list from Mrs. Titi McKenzie-Moss; with that list we did the best that we could to make sure that everything on this list was purchased,” explained Martin.

Pictured with a few students of the school are principal, Titi McKenzie-Moss (fourth from left) and Sonless Dorian Martin Jr., (back row right) along with representatives of several partners. (Shayne Stubbs)

Additionally, he shared that it is his intention to invite organizations from abroad that have contributed to the annual donation drive, over the years, to the island next year affording them the opportunity to witness first hand, where and how their donations have been put to use.

“We look forward to our inaugural gala next year, 2017. We expect to bring about 150 people from Florida, here to Freeport, to visit the actual school and to enjoy a dinner at the Grand Lucayan Resort in the month of September. We are really looking forward to that. We would also like to thank The Beacon School for everything that they do for the kids here,” concluded McKenzie.

McKenzie-Moss expressed her sincere appreciation and gratitude for the donation.

“We are so excited to receive this donation this morning. Every year we look forward to Sonless Martin and Fast Track Management to present a donation to us. We are so extremely happy because we put our wish list together and we received everything that was on that wish list. These donations will go a long way to help the kids in the classrooms with the supplies that they need.”

The principal also noted that this year they are embarking on a new initiative focused on implementing a program where electronic tablets are utilized to enhance the educational process for their students.

“We are starting a new tablet program this year where kids will be using tablets in the classrooms. These tablets will definitely aid us in our program.”

As for the start of the new school year, McKenzie-Moss shared, “The school year is going wonderful so far. All of our students are here, we are definitely fully staffed and it is going really well.”

By: Jaimie Smith

Freeport News/Guardian

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