Teen attempted murder trial continues

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August 25, 2016

Shooting victim Jared Miller's recollection may have been muddled on the exact time when he was shot, but he was adamant about who committed the crime during his testimony in the Supreme Court yesterday.

A 17-year-old is on trial for the April 2, 2015 shooting at Eaton Street, Yellow Elder. He has denied the allegation at his trial before acting Justice Joyann Ferguson-Pratt.

Defense lawyer Moses Bain yesterday honed in on inconsistencies about the time the shooting occurred and how long the victim had known the defendant.

In his statement to police, Miller said that he had known his shooter about three weeks prior to the incident.

However, during his testimony via video link from Florida he estimated that they met at the end of December 2014, although he could not recall where they met.

Miller explained that he was in a fog due to medication when he made his police statement.

Miller said, "I was in and out because I was heavily sedated. I may not remember the details but I am quite sure and I am positive that [the defendant] put five bullet holes in me."

Bain asked, "Do you recall what time you got shot?"

Miller replied, "No, I didn't look at my watch. I didn't know if my life was coming to an end."

Miller said that he left his home at Blue Hills Estates and walked to Yellow Elder to play dominoes between 11 p.m. and midnight.

He said that he bought a beer and went to the table where he and friends often played.

Miller said he was about to leave for home when he was confronted by the defendant, who shot him in the shoulder.

He said he ran and the defendant continued firing shots, hitting him several more times. Miller said that the defendant stood over him and shot him in the face when he fell to the ground.

The case continues today.

Randolph Dames is the prosecutor.

Artesia Davis, Guardian Senior Reporter

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News date : 08/25/2016    Category : Court, Crime, Nassau Guardian Stories

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