Bahamian publishing company becomes an industry giant with new partnership

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August 09, 2016

A Bahamian owned book publishing company has partnered with one of the world’s largest book manufacturing and distribution giants, making their joint partnership a new powerhouse, creating larger opportunities and stronger global representation world-wide.

Scholar Books has now joined the ranks as one of the leaders in the publishing world, on par with Random House and Penguin. A historic feat for a Bahamian, Albert Cox, CEO of Scholar Books recently inked the deal in Dexter, Michigan with Thomson-Shore, a multi-million dollar publishing house.  Established over 40 years ago, Thomson-Shore, a company with superior book sales and distribution has been recognized by Book Business as one of the top 20 book manufacturing companies in the world.

Thomson-Shore’s executive team has been impressed with Cox’s knowledge and commitment to the publishing world. Spalls, the CEO of Thomson-Shore welcomes the alliance and said, “I see this partnership as a way for furthering both of our expansions,” while Managing Director, Jerry Friends, added, “With Scholar Books, building and expanding its network into numerous subsidiary companies to match their supply and demand of the global market, we are onboard to help Scholar Books increase their network massively.”

Cox notes that the international alliance has set some ambitious goals and he had endeavored to take his company to greater heights. A published author, writer and ghostwriter, Cox established Scholar Books in Nassau, Bahamas a decade ago. His company has published for top instrumental figures in The Bahamas that include Olympian and businessman, Sir Durward Knowles, former Deputy/Acting Prime Minister Cynthia Mother Pratt, former Senator Dr. Jacinta Higgs and other notable figures.

Recently, Her Excellency, Dame Marguerite Pindling, The Governor General of The Bahamas recognized Cox as the first Bahamian scholar to document, transcribe, and articulate the science and origins of the universe in his book, “The Composition of The Universe and Credibility of Devine Existence.” He received critical acclaim from major Professors from around the world; also most notably from Dr. Tim Mawson of The University of Oxford.

“I am excited about the professional career opportunities and the creativity from the various teams,” said Cox. “This kind of collaboration has illustrated that we as Bahamians are not monolithic in our thinking and abilities, but we are as diverse, creative, and intelligent as any country in the world.”

Cox states that their reach is everywhere and he would like Bahamians to know that Scholar Books would allow Bahamians the ability to place their ideas, stories, and creative minds, anywhere in the world. Not just in perceived digital form throughout the eBook market, which often leaves the impression that their book would sell well in self-publication markets. He stresses that Scholar Books is a true book publishing company where writers are offered contracts, marketing and distribution opportunities, and that they do not promote self-publication. Scholar Books would work for the client, market accordingly and get the books distributed through the proper channels and markets.

Scholar Books states that their worldwide reach and accessibility allows authors to be intertwined throughout thousands of institutions and nearly all countries, producing quality books that matter, beyond the cultural realms of thought and perspective. They have achieved historical relevance of now being one of the largest book publications companies in the world that is Bahamian owned.

In early September 2016, Scholar Books will offer a Global Publishers Expo with Thomson-Shore in Nassau, Bahamas to showcase their capabilities. Bahamians authors, writers, intellectuals and free thinkers would have the opportunity to learn how to manifest their work in a true book publication form. More information can be found at and inquiries can be emailed to

Despite the electronic world of e-readers, a 2013 survey conduced by Princeton Survey Research Associates International stated that the average adult read five books; that 70 percent of Americans read print books while only 4 percent read e-books exclusively. (Source, January 16, 2014, Bridgette Bowman).

Scholar Books Signs Partnership with Top US Publishing House Thomas-Shore to expand global reach and opportunities.  Albert Cox (right), CEO and publisher of Scholar Books visited the headquarters of Thomas-Shore in Detroit, Michigan to sign the partnership with Kevin Spalls, CEO (left) and Jerry Friends (middle), managing director of distribution.

By Azaleta Ishmael-Newry

News date : 08/09/2016    Category : Business, Press Releases

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