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July 04, 2016

I remember well when I first started speaking in pubic, I was extremely nervous. It was not long after this radio series started airing on the local radio station and became very popular in a relatively short period of time. I started to get requests from service clubs, Rotary, Kiwanis, Zonta, etc. and from high schools and private schools, including businesses, to speak to them. I must admit to The Fact that I was extremely nervous and indeed at times quite terrified at the thought of speaking in public; however, I felt I just had to accept the numerous invitations I got to speak.
But you know, this really was a Godsend, for it was the practice which I got doing all of these talks which eventually molded me into a polished public speaker. Since those early beginnings, I have facilitated seminars and delivered lectures all over the world with great success. I also did a series of thirteen televised lectures for PBS which was a great success.
Now the important message which I want everyone to get here today is this. I became a polished public speaker and presenter through consistent practice of my craft. Likewise, when I was a Professional Musician playing with my trio in hotels, clubs and American Airforce Bases in the UK, my trio would practice during the days over and over again which assisted us in being good. Yes, there's no other way in which to succeed, other than by practicing your craft until you become really polished.
Yes My Friend, if you wish to perfect your particular craft, whatever it may be, you need to take the title of today's articles very seriously and thus 'Practice....Practice....Practice' over and over again until you start to excel at what you do, which in turn will take you ultimately to the Promised Land.

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