Open letter to Hubert Ingraham

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July 27, 2016

Dear Hubert, it is quite obvious to all and sundry that the meaning of the word retirement is eluding you. It was widely rumored that you would seek another term as the leader of my brain child.

Let me assure you that if you attempted so foolhardy a stunt like that, that would be political disaster.

During your three terms as PM and leader of this nation you have done more political mischief and harm to this nation than your mentor and sidekick put together. I will list some of the reasons (there are many more) why you should just go into the sunset and enjoy your retirement rather than attempt such a politically suicidal venture:

o Dismantling and the destruction of our financial system left in place by the UBP and Pindling administration.

o The debacle that was the New Providence Road Improvement Project that went many millions of dollars over budget.

o The scandal at BEC that happened under your watch that recently played out in the courts.

o The Baha Mar fiasco.

When one is ahead he should quit. You have done enough damage to this nation. So like Oliver Cromwell so many centuries ago said to members of the British Parliament, I now say to you, "In the name of God, go!"

- Errington W.I. Watkins

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News date : 07/27/2016    Category : Letters, Nassau Guardian Stories

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