Worldwide Premier Pageant Franchise under New Ownership

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June 23, 2016

The much anticipated Miss Universe Bahamas Pageant overhaul was announced in April of this year. The new licensee is taking a completely new approach to the aesthetics, purposeful living, and ambassadorship of the Queen by hosting the Miss Universe Bahamas 2016 Pageant at ALBANY Bahamas.

The new licensee, Ivy Lane Ltd, a subsidiary of Tavistock Group, recruited a new management team to produce the world-class pageant and hold it and the preliminary events under the theme of "Living Beautifully" at ALBANY. Tickets to Toast the Queen on July 15th, National Costume Showcase on August 27th, and the Pageant on September 17th are available to the public. The winner, Miss Universe Bahamas 2016, will receive a royal prize package and represent The Bahamas and all of its beauty at the Miss Universe Pageant later this year.  

National Pageant Director, Michelle Collie said, "I am thrilled with the Albany brand partnering with the Miss Universe Bahamas franchise. This year’s pageant and contestants will exemplify the beauty, class and sophistication that has become synonymous with ALBANY.”  

Miss Universe Bahamas 2016 welcomes all qualified applicants to realize their dream of becoming the next Miss Universe by applying to become a delegate at Applications are being accepted through July 2, 2016.

Applicants that move on to be delegates will spend seven weeks in a rigorous training program that includes choreography, stage walking, public speaking, style and beauty, etiquette, fitness and nutrition.  

Miss Universe Bahamas 2016 invites applicants and their supporters and all Bahamians to stay connected and up-to-date with events and pageant news by visiting our Facebook page, Miss Universe Bahamas or website at The Miss Universe Bahamas Pageant will be held on September 17th at ALBANY's famous Aviva Beach.

Source: Bun in the Oven

News date : 06/23/2016    Category : Business, Entertainment

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