Broken traffic lights at busy Nassau intersection to be fixed in days

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June 13, 2016

One of the cars involved in an accident around 11.45pm on Monday at the East Bay Street/Mackey Street intersection where the traffic lights have been out.

PERMANENT Secretary in the Ministry of Works Colin Higgs confirmed on Monday that his office is aware of the continued failure of the traffic lights at the busy East Bay Street and Mackey Street intersection at the foot of the inbound Paradise Island Bridge.

The lights have been out of commission for more than a week, leading to difficulties and dangers for motorists, and Mr. Higgs told The Tribune that the process to resolve their ordeal was underway. According Mr. Higgs, recent activity in the area by Bahamas Power & Light (BPL, formerly BEC) near the renovations to Potter’s Cay Dock was to blame for the failure of the lights. However, his office suggested the matter would be resolved in the coming days.

East Bay Street is the main thoroughfare for scores of motorists travelling to eastern New Providence while cars commute over the bridge and sweep down to the intersection on the mainland from Paradise Island.

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News date : 06/13/2016    Category : Environment, Roadwork, Tribune Stories

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