7 Surprising health benefits of drinking gin in moderation

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June 12, 2016

(Photo source: standard.co.uk)

It began as Mother's Ruin in the 18th century but gin has enjoyed a renaissance to become one of the nation's favourite drinks. Unlike a lot of spirits, gin has some surprising health benefits (when drunk in moderation, of course). In fact, it dates back to the Middle Ages when it was used as a form of herbal medicine.

Here are seven scientific reasons why a G&T is good for you - let's drink to our health!

1. Junipers are super berries
The word ‘gin’ actually derives from the older English word genever and the Latin word for juniper, juniperus. Gin is the most natural spirit as its main ingredient is of course Juniper berries. These super berries are jam-packed with infection fighting qualities as they are warming, stimulating and disinfecting.

2. More gin = fewer wrinkles
Switch up your anti-wrinkle cream for a bottle of Bombay Sapphire as juniper berries are full of antioxidants and boost the regenerating cells in your body for smoother, healthier looking skin. Result.

3. It's a low-calorie spirit
You don't need to worry too much about your waistline. According to Livestrong, gin is one of the least calorific spirits with 97 calories per shot. The juniper berries come into action by increasing the number of enzymes that break down your food and helping your digestion. This also means less bloating. Mixing it with tonic will actually add more calories so keep it neat.

4. It can help you live longer
You guessed it. Juniper berries. They contain flavonoids which are great for preventing heart disease and improving your blood circulation as you get older. Although, of course, excessive drinking could have the opposite effect.

5. It can help fight kidney and liver disease
Gin is the best natural remedy for kidney and liver disease. Juniper berries help stop water retention in your body, allowing you to pass more water than any other alcohol. This means that more harmful toxins and bacteria are flushed out your system.

6. It's good for your bones
Gin's makeup helps to relieve achy joints and gout, and its alcohol content coupled with the juniper berries can be an effective treatment for chronic pain and inflammations, such as arthritis. Gin-soaked raisins are especially good to prepare as you can store them in a jar and eat them daily to see the benefits.

7. It can help fight off coughs
The oils contained in juniper berries can allievate coughs by expelling the mucus in the throat and aiding lung congestion. The great thing about gin is that it can be mixed with many different herbs and ingredients such as ginger, which will help to soothe a sore throat.

By Sophia Pathak

Source: standard.co.uk

News date : 06/12/2016    Category : Health, World News

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