Commonwealth Brewery Limited unifies its 55+ retail locations and brand identity with new name and look

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May 19, 2016

The Bahamas’ largest and oldest wines and spirits distributor, Commonwealth Brewery Limited, announced that its retail locations have undergone a total brand revision in favour of a new identity that better reflects its strong cultural ties and unites its retail presence across the country. Moving forward, the company’s retail stores will operate under the name 700 Wines & Spirits, marking the first significant makeover in the company’s 30-year history.

Previously, the company’s stores operated as Butler & Sands, Burns House, Wholesale Wines and Spirits, Bethel Robertson, and Ole Nassau liquor stores. However, few customers were aware that the same company operated the stores. The launch of the 700 Wines & Spirits brand is designed to unify these retail stores under a stronger and single identity.

The 700 Wines & Spirits brand is a direct nod to The Bahamas’ archipelagic make-up. The name not only references The Bahamas’ 700 islands and cays, it demonstrates a deep sense of Bahamian pride and alludes to the retailer’s expansive product offering and national reach.

Today, 700 Wines & Spirits is the nation’s choice supplier of the world’s leading alcoholic beverages, and with over 55 stores across more than 11 islands, the brewery and beverage company has long played an integral role in enhancing special occasions and cultural celebrations. This involvement is recognised in the company’s new tagline, ‘Celebration Across the Nation’, which, coupled with the brand’s use of a patriotic colour palette – black, aquamarine and gold – evokes feelings of pride, familiarity and ownership.

“700 Wines & Spirits enables the way we celebrate every day, mark special occasions and toast our successes,” Commonwealth Brewery Managing Director Hans Neven said. “Our company has always been committed to bringing a spotlight to the traditional Bahamian cultural activities like Junkanoo, homecomings and regattas. We help our people to celebrate national pride, nationwide every day.”

Commonwealth Brewery and 700 Wines and Spirits Retail Director Dennis Hanna added that the rebranding marks a new chapter for the company as it strives to enhance customer satisfaction through a commitment to delivering quality retail experiences and products.

 “With the 700 Wines & Spirits rebranding, customers can expect the same superior service, and wide range of premium beers, wines and spirits, but we’re taking that to another level,” Mr Hanna said. “Whether in New Providence or any other Family Island, it will be much easier for consumers to identify our stores and benefit from promotions we advertise regularly via radio and newspaper.”

O’Nea Turner
Source: Commonwealth Brewery Limited

News date : 05/19/2016    Category : Business

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