Blooming hard work on display at giant plant show

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March 31, 2016

The cactus table is always an interesting area of the show with all plant names displayed on their tags

The cactus table is always an interesting area of the show with all plant names displayed on their tags.

THE Horticultural Society of the Bahamas (HSB) will be showing the results of months of hard work by their members on Saturday afternoon at the Queen’s College auditorium when they hold their prestigious bi-annual giant plant show and sale.

There will be a superb display of a variety of horticulture - from orchids to ferns, bromeliads, cut specimens and unusual plants. Viewers can browse through rows of many different offerings from the HSB’s plant enthusiasts. Members will be displaying plants they have been preparing for months, even years.

The HSB has been in existence for almost 35 years and is the home club to many gardeners who are interested in learning about planting, growing and even harvesting their works.

Members hold monthly meetings at individuals’ homes and share their knowledge and expertise. Many meetings have a visiting speaker.

Originally founded by the late Sara Bardelmeier, the only qualification to join is a love of plants and a quest for knowledge.

The show has always been bi-annual, so members have two years to cultivate healthy and vibrant varieties of plants for entry.

Several judges will fly in from the United States, including the president of the International Bromeliad Society, and the placement of the ribbons on the prize exhibits is always exciting.

Judging will take place on Saturday morning and doors open to the public from 2.30pm to 6pm.

Organisers said there will be food and drink available, and a number of plant vendors will be there selling their orchids, bromeliads and other plants, all at reasonable prices.

Entry is $5 and will be used to defray the cost of this non-profit plant show.

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