2,600 prize for naming the Secret Sound

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March 16, 2016

Jasmine Bevans picks up her Secret Sound prize from Desi Wallace, account executive at 100JAMZ, Freeport (left) and Kevin Roberts, manager of Island Luck, Grand Bahama (right). (Photo: Vandyke Hepburn/BIS)

GRAND Bahama resident Jasmine Bevans has hit the jackpot in the 100JAMZ Secret Sound competition, picking up a $2,600 cash prize courtesy of Island Luck.

Ms. Bevans was able to correctly guess what the second Secret Sound of the month was on Friday night – batteries being put into a flashlight. She was presented with her cheque yesterday at the Island Luck location on Sunrise Highway, Freeport.

Ms. Bevans told The Tribune that she is an avid Secret Sound fan and recalled when a previous jackpot had reached $17,000. She did not win then but she was determined this time and is looking forward to the next challenge.

“I recorded the sound and played it over and over, and I then I went on Island Luck’s website for the clues,” she said.

Ms. Bevans said that after seeing the third clue she was able to figure it out.

“It looked like the top of a flashlight, and then I put batteries in my own flashlight and said it had to be the sound,” she recalled.

Ms. Bevans said she called into 100JAMZ several times trying to win. “I tried on the morning show, and the DJ picked up the phone, but my phone hung up and he went to the next caller. The second time I called it was JJ, the third time I called it was busy and Jatonde was on, and the fourth time was it was Reality and I was the 10th caller,” she said.

Kevin Roberts, manager of Island Luck Grand Bahama, said that they have partnered with 100JAMZ for the Secret Sound promotion, which aires four times daily with the jackpot increasing every time a wrong answer is given and clues are provided on Island Luck’s website.

“I am happy to announce that Jasmine is our lucky winner for the month of March. And I am also happy that someone from Grand Bahama has won,” said Mr Roberts.

Desi Wallace, account executive at 100JAMZ, Freeport, said Ms. Bevans is the second person to win, following Pandora Knowles, who won $1,000 in the first competition.

“We had a winner in Nassau who won $1,000, and now we are happy that someone from Grand Bahama has joined the list of winners,” Ms. Wallace said.

The third winner, Jahliesha Bodie, won $200 on Monday by guessing correctly the sound was someone dragging a finger across a keyboard.

100JAMZ has a new Secret Sound running with a jackpot at $700 on Wednesday morning, with the first chance to win on Special K’s show.

By Denise Maycock

Tribune Freeport Reporter

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News date : 03/16/2016    Category : About Bahamians, Entertainment, Finance, Tribune Stories

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