8th Annual Tour of the Bahamas: A Spinning Success

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February 02, 2011

Team Bahamas: On your mark, get set, cheer -- More than 20 volunteers from Bank of The Bahamas including Managing Director Paul McWeeney (far right) and Deputy Managing Director Vaughn Delaney (far left) turned out to lend support during the 8th Annual Tour of The Bahamas held this weekend at Clifton Heritage National Park. A few of the BOB volunteers are pictured with the Bahamas Junior Cycling team. Reigning Caribbean champion Bahamian Jay Major is pictured with racing bike in front.

Way to go -- Junior 10-14 Time Trial Winners: First-place winner Todd James, second-place winner Gummadi Prithvi and third-place winner Liam Holowesko. Young Liam, son of Stephen and Alessandra Holowesko, and grandson of Sen. President Lyn Holowesko was the surprise story of the day, finishing in the top three in his category after training for the race for less than three weeks.

Pro Category Road Race Winners (l-r): Charles Hutcheson, Daniel Zmolik and Coulton Hartrich. More than 100 cyclists from as far away as Wisconsin competed in the two-day event.    

On a roll -- Bank of The Bahamas Tour Directors (l-r) Sheniqua Bethel, Claire Johnson, Nairoshee Roberts, Xenia Greene, Davine Rolle and Deagre Kelly with race winner Dante Weston at the Tour of The Bahamas cycling event. This year’s races, sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism, Holowesko Partners and Bank of The Bahamas, included several of the hottest racing teams in the world, according to event organiser Jeff Major.

Turning the corner, ready to sprint -- Pro cyclists round a bend during a 76-mile road race this past Sunday on the western part of New Providence. More than 100 athletes from The Bahamas and various parts of the U.S. participated in the weekend-long competition sponsored by Holowekso Partners, Bank of The Bahamas and the Ministry of Tourism. Cyclists competed at speeds of more than 40 mph during final sprints. Staged in January when much of North America is blanketed by snow, the event is also an opportunity to showcase The Bahamas.

Gearing up -- Junior cyclists prepare to start their circuit race on day one. Bank of The Bahamas sponsored the Junior Circuit trophy in support of the young athletes.


8th Annual Tour of the Bahamas: A Spinning Success8th Annual Tour of the Bahamas: A Spinning Success8th Annual Tour of the Bahamas: A Spinning Success8th Annual Tour of the Bahamas: A Spinning Success

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