Concierge Emergency Medical Service officially opens

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March 02, 2016

Alert International Official Opening Ceremony was held on Friday, February 26, 2016 in the Port Lucaya Marketplace and will provide premium concierge emergency medical health care services to visitors, international residents and locals alike. (Photo: Jenneva Russell)

Alert International Official Opening Ceremony was held on Friday, February 26, 2016 in the Port Lucaya Marketplace and will provide premium concierge emergency medical health care services to visitors, international residents and locals alike.

Dr. George Charitie, Alert International Medical Director revealed, “Alert International began as a vision to provide alternative emergency transporting solutions for Grand Bahama initially and, Abaco in the not too distant future.”

“As a result of increased demands in health services, the need for delivery has been outweighed by the available resources therefore, Alert International is here to provide pristine services for its clients but also remains committed to support the local health care system when called upon.

“Our team comprises a variety of interdisciplinary medical health experts, professionals in the aviation along with a cadre of allied business facilitators, who in concert offer a variety of professional and emergency medical transportation services that includes air medical services, ground (ambulance) services, medical concierge and medical billing services.

“The ambulance is going to be based in Port Lucaya for any emergency calls, which would be a supplementary service to the Rand Memorial Hospital however, it is a private service and patients that do need to be transported could have that service coordinated through Alert both locally and internationally.

“We do have two ambulances here, three full-time Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) and we are working in conjunction with the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) Eastern Division and Fire Branch Department.

“Alert operates under three foci; firstly you call and our caring compassionate nurse or emergency case manager will listen and guide you through the emergency response or air medical transport process, as we use your information and our expertise to tailor our service to suit each patient’s specific need.

“Secondly, we coordinate as our health care and case management team arrange every detail for a safe and seamless attendance for your loved one.

“Thirdly, we transport utilizing a professional emergency care or critical care transport team at the patient’s side during the entire trip.

“Our team arrives in our ground ambulance and begins the preparation for a patient’s secondary care, then once on board the aircraft, the team members monitor and care for the patient and once on the ground at the destination, the team accompanies the patient to the receiving facility and provides a full medical report.

“Apart from Alert International’s office in Port Lucaya patients can also be provided with specialty services from Quantum Physicians Plus, Freeport in the fields of Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine, as the team continuously works to improve access to care that is just as important as primary health delivery itself.”

Director of Port Lucaya Marketplace Ivan Moss expressed sincere elation with having Alert International established in Port Lucaya noting, “Dr. Charitie and his team are truly a Godsend, as the need for premium concierge health care services for locals, international residents and visitors alike in this area is essential.

“Dr. Charitie and his team have tested Alert International services for the past six months on a small scale providing free first response care to the Lucaya Marketplace before officially opening today and, they have dealt with a lot of slips and falls and other medical issues in a professionally efficient manner along with the partnership of the RBPF and Rand Memorial Hospital.

“It is hoped that this would be a long and prosperous partnership that would benefit all including those at the surrounding hotels, store owners, straw market vendors and staff as well as help vacationers enjoy their stay on the island with the comfort of knowing that should an unexpected medical emergency arise, Alert International and the Port Lucaya Marketplace along with Bahamaland Investments are indeed equipped to handle every challenge in a timely, top quality manner.”

Free National Movement (FNM) Deputy Leader and Member of Parliament for East Grand Bahama K. Peter Turnquest attended the opening ceremony and congratulated Dr. Charitie and his team for executing a marvelous vision.

Alert International would add to the quality of medical emergency services on Grand Bahama said Turnquest, who stated, “It is a pleasure to share in this occasion with Dr. Charitie and his team whom I am sure, like him, are knowledgeable, caring and always give the best in quality and professional service.

“Certainly Alert International is going to be a great asset to the health care industry on Grand Bahama.

“One of the most fundamental things that any country can provide for its people is safety and security and on that score I must acknowledge RBPF Superintendent Noel Curry and Assistant Superintendent of Police Fire Services Ernest Hanna and their teams for the work they are doing in East Grand Bahama of which Port Lucaya is a part.

“Ensuring there is adequate and proper health care for its citizens should be a priority of any government in power, as we all know the challenges that we face with resources both financially and human, hence what is being added to the product here today is certainly valuable and much needed.

“It is said that we have approximately five million visitors to The Bahamas annually and in order to maintain all that we have worked so hard to build, we have to provide the level of service and care to them that is first-class and responsive to any emergency that may arise.

“Alert International Concierge Emergency Medical Service will help us to promote safety and responsiveness both locally and to international visitors, who come to our island and unfortunately experience a mishap.

“I wish Dr. Charitie and the Alert International team all the best financially as well as spiritually and know that the official Opposition FNM Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis, who like you is a medical doctor and understands the human need in all of us, pledges support to you and we will do whatever we can to ensure your success and encourage Alert International’s growth in providing the professional service we have come to expect from you.

“Congratulations once again and we wish you much success here in Freeport and as you endeavor to further expand your services across the country, thank you.”

Lashanda Neely, Alert International EMS Coordinator heads the team of emergency services professionals.

By: Sharell Lockhart, News Reporter


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