Court sees sex tape in cop child porn trial

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February 24, 2016

A short clip of the video showing former police officer Edmund Lewis Jr. and a teen girl having sex was played in the Magistrate's Court yesterday, as the teenager at the center of the case confirmed that she engaged in "countless" sexual trysts with Lewis but did not know he was recording the meetings. However, she said the sex was consensual.

Lewis is accused of producing child pornography videos between July 2014 and January 21, 2015. The video that was played in court showed a naked female kneeling facedown on a bed in front of a man. The man, who was also on his knees, was facing the camera.

The teen girl identified herself and Lewis in the video. She also confirmed that the video was recorded at Lewis' house. She was 17 at the time of the alleged offense but has since celebrated her 18th birthday. She shook her right leg repeatedly as she watched the video and appeared agitated.

The teen said she couldn't be sure exactly when the encounter took place. Asked how many times she had sex with Lewis, she said "countless" times. However, she narrowed the particular recording down to sometime between the end of June and the beginning of July.

During cross-examination by Lewis' attorney Wayne Munroe, QC, the teen confirmed that the video that was played in court was not the same video that she provided to the police when she made her complaint in January 2015. She said the video, which she had stored in her phone, showed her, another girl and Lewis engaging in sexual activity in September 2015.

The teen also confirmed that when Lewis picked her up between classes on that September morning, the other female, who she met on Facebook a few days earlier, was already in the car. She said she had three glasses of wine at Lewis' house and felt lightheaded because she hadn't eaten. She said although Lewis provided the wine, she poured it herself.

When Munroe suggested that the teen didn't have a clue who recorded her, she agreed with him. She also agreed that she didn't know what was going on at the time because she was "tipsy".

Asked by prosecutor Darrell Taylor if she knew about the existence of the video that was played in court, the teen said she did. Asked if she saw the video, she said, "Unfortunately, yes." The teen said she notified police that Lewis had more than one recording of her. When she was done giving testimony, the teen quickly exited the courtroom.

Munroe then questioned whether the alleged offense was reported after the statute of limitation had expired. He said the matter had to be reported within six months after the alleged offense. In this circumstance he said the offense would have had to take place in late July. He noted that based on the teen's testimony, the alleged offense took place between late June and early July.

"That puts it outside of six months," Munroe said.

Taylor objected to Munroe's argument. She insisted that the amended law provides for the case to be reported up to one year after the offense.

Magistrate Andrew Forbes said he will study the matter and make a decision on March 3 at 11 a.m.

Lewis was supported in court by his brother, who is a police officer, and his parents.

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News date : 02/24/2016    Category : Court, Crime, Nassau Guardian Stories

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