Commending medical care in The Bahamas

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January 22, 2016

Dear Editor,

The writers wish to commend medical care in The Bahamas. Happily, and contrary to biased and ignorant opinion, we both were surprised and delighted with such care as a result of two recent health issues.

Firstly, but not necessarily foremost, Bob Arnold, a Lyford Cay resident of 30-odd years, experienced a massive and dangerous hematoma, caused by subdural bleeding, seizures and life threatening inter-cranial pressure so severe as to require immediate neurosurgical intervention.

Thanks to the timely and insightful advice of Dr. Dean Tseretopoulos at Lyford Cay Hospital, Dr. Magnus O Ekedede who practices in Nassau was immediately contacted and he operated on Bob's cranium at Doctors' Hospital, saving his life. The quality of nursing care and the kindliness of all staff at Doctors' Hospital matches that of any European or American hospital.

Next, Dr. Tseretopoulos was also called at midnight for an emergency case. Upon arrival at the site, he administered an IV to patient and orchestrated ambulance service to Doctors Hospital. He then contacted Dr. Dane Bowe, a top orthopedic surgeon here in The Bahamas.

Patient was met at Doctors' Hospital by Dr. Bowe who assessed the situation as an open type 1 bi-malleolar fracture of the right ankle, resulting in patient being operated on the next day by Dr. Bowe, assisted by Dr. Barrett McCartney, a top anesthesiologist.
The hospital staff were well organized, thoroughly professional and efficient. The following day the patient returned home, accompanied by Cherry Martin-Knowles, resident nurse and patient advocate at Doctors Hospital.

The patient was met at home by Dr. Tseretopoulos accompanied by a superb team of nurses comprised of Shellee Smith, Linda McPhee and Kenrea Gray. They have provided excellent 24 hour care that is outstanding and to be commended. Both Dr. Bowe, the orthopedic surgeon, and Dr. Tseretopoulos have provided excellent home care. The quality of care has just been outstanding.

We knew Dr. Tseretopoulos was excellent, but had no idea we could also find such wonderful and quite professional surgeons as Dr. Magnus and Dr. Bowe, much less such superb home care as provided by the nursing staff. We cannot praise them too highly and are exceptionally grateful for the high level of health care all these professionals and Doctors Hospital have provided both our families.

- Robert J. Arnold and Okla Basil Meade, Jr

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News date : 01/22/2016    Category : Letters, Nassau Guardian Stories

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