Sun Oil officially launches Pennzoil

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November 25, 2015

Sun Oil, a Shell licensee, officially introduced the full line of Pennzoil Motor Oils to the Bahamian market during a special cocktail reception at the Melia Nassau Beach resort on Cable Beach recently. Described as the next revolution in motor oil technology, Sun Oil used a hologram video presentation to provide a comprehensive explanation of the innovation and technology involved in the evolution of the new Pennzoil products.

"Shell is synonymous with innovation. You can pretty much say it runs in our DNA. Technology and innovation are at the heart of everything we do in the fuels and lubricants business," said Shell's regional marketing manager for lubricants, Sergio Roldan. This latest innovation is known as gas to liquid (GTL), a process where Shell takes natural gas and converts it to base oils to form its pure synthetic motor oils.

"It took us over 40 years to perfect this process. With this patented unique technology, GTL, Shell has mastered the process. We start with natural gas and then convert to pure liquid technology. This resultant base is 99.5 percent pure. It is basically like drinking pure water and that is what we call our Pure Plus technology," Roldan added.

The new line of Pennzoil Motor Oils is designed to improve the maintenance and performance of vehicles through its Pure Plus technology. Roldan noted that in terms of the industry standard the Pennzoil Ultra Platinum performs 60 percent better than the industry standard and the Pennzoil platinum is about 40 percent better than other industry brands. "When we look at our main competitors in the market, Pennzoil Platinum and Pennzoil Ultra Platinum outperform the competitors by a wide margin," Roldan said.

Shell Lubricants Technical Expert Jose Hernandez, said the Pennzoil products are approved for today's most advanced vehicles.

"We have the approval endorsements from Ferrari, Maserati, BMW, Toyota and several others. NASCAR uses Pennzoil synthetics because NASCAR engines are so tightly regulated. So the difference in motor oil can literally be the difference between winning and losing," Hernandez added.

Emphasizing the international recognition of the Shell brand and its products, Sun Oil Deputy General Manager Clinton Rolle advised that Shell's Pennzoil line of lubricants set the gold standard for performance in North America.

"Pennzoil's products will provide Bahamians access to first world lubricant technologies and unsurpassed engine protection. Shell is recognized as the leader in lubricants for the past eight years. So you see that this product that we are bringing here tonight is born out of a company that has excelled and has given you world-class products and world-class technology," Rolle said.

Shell lubricants serve consumers in over 100 countries, with global networks of production, distribution and research. Pennzoil is considered the most trusted motor oil in America. It is currently available at all Shell Service Stations in New Providence and selected retailers nationwide. 

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