LPIA parking study brings improvements to parking rate structure

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October 22, 2015

Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) employs a world-class approach to every service it offers and parking is no exception. After undertaking an extensive study of its parking services, LPIA has restructured its parking program to deliver a better experience for its customers. The changes include the development of more helpful signage, physical enhancements to the parking facility, and the introduction of a new fee schedule that brings added value, convenience and some fee reductions for customers. The fee changes will become effective on October 30, 2015.

In the short-term parking facilities, the rate changes include the introduction of new time band of 4 – 8 hours at $16.00; a reduction of the daily short term parking lot rate from $22.00 to $20.00; and the introduction of a new 30-minute minimum parking period instead of the current one hour minimum. In the long-term parking facilities, a new two-day minimum parking period is being introduced. LPIA also recently invested approximately $100,000 in new parking equipment which includes an automated self-service pay station, a new entrance gate and ticketing hardware.

The Parking and Ground Transportation team at LPIA is led by Mrs. Nicole Henfield, a Certified Parking Professional by the National Parking Association (NPA), which is the leading trade association for the parking industry in North America. Mrs. Henfield was recently inducted into NPA’s inaugural class of the top 40 parking professionals across North America. No other individual from the Caribbean region has achieved this honor and this level of certification.

While explaining some of the benefits of the new rate structure to customers, Mrs. Henfield noted that “our study showed that over 50 per cent of parking lot users who paid for one hour of parking time only used 30 minutes of it, so introducing a 30 minute minimum parking period in the short term lot made perfect sense. We’ve made it easier for visitors to pick up arriving passengers without circling the airport repeatedly or parking illegally, which can be hazardous to the flow of airport traffic. Additionally, by lowering the daily cost of short term parking, we’ve given visitors access to more convenient parking in the appropriate area for the time that they spend at the airport.”

Mrs. Henfield described the new equipment upgrades as quick, easy and hassle-free, stating that “all our airport parking facilities are safe, secure and convenient for business and leisure travelers. These upgrades give our customers much more flexibility to move around LPIA for a few minutes, hours or days in a cost-effective manner. Once these changes have been implemented, ample parking will be available where our customers need it most and our automated self-service kiosk makes getting in and out of the lots much easier and faster. We’re offering greater value for a better parking experience.”

Kamal Rolle, Supervisor, Nicole Henfield, Manager, and Kathrina Cartwright, Administrative Assistant, work together to mobilize the Parking and Ground Transportation team at Lynden Pindling International Airport.

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