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March 05, 2010

McCartney 'too popular to lose'
Sources within the FNM said party executives "would be fools" if they did not allow Branville McCartney to run in the next general election.
McCartney resigned as Minister of State for Immigration at the end of last week, saying he felt he could do more without the restrictions imposed on members of the Cabinet.

Archdeacon 'can be removed' from Most Holy Trinity Anglican Church
A judge removed a court order that blocked the Anglican Archdiocese from forcing an Archdeacon to retire. Within a few hours of the decision, locksmiths were changing locks at the Most Holy Trinity Anglican Church, where Etienne Bowleg served as Archdeacon.
The matter was before the courts because of a dispute over Bowleg's age, which a 1937 birth certificate indicates is 72.

MP says US corruption accusations unfair/hypocritical

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Member of Parliament Fred Mitchell said allegations of corruption in the Caribbean are blown out of proportion, especially when compared to corruption that has been exposed in American politics.
"The Bahamas and most other off shore financial centres are held to a much higher standard and to much more intense scrutiny than the first world countries subject themselves to. The classic example is that of the US State of Delaware which is the biggest off shore centre in the world," Mitchell said.

NIB contributions to rise on June 1

Workers and employers can expect an increase in their National Insurance contributions starting on June 1. The rise will amount to 1%, half a percent each for employers and employees.
The rise is intended to pay for a national unemployment benefit scheme.

News date : 03/05/2010    Category : Tribune Stories

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