Bahamas Humane Society to Rescue Animals Hurt by Hurricane Joaquin.

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October 07, 2015

The Bahamas Humane Society is assessing the predicament of animals impacted by the catastrophic Hurricane Joaquin. The society has already sent food for some animals that was requested by animal owners and residents. With animals suffering from the ravages of the storm, the Bahamas Humane Society stands ready and willing to assist, but needs vital information of any injured or trapped animals. The Society also seeks to avoid risk to health and well-being of persons and animals living in areas where animals may be wounded.

Contact Percy Grant, Shelter Manager and Chief Inspector of the Bahamas Humane Society at: (242) 323-5138 or (242) 325-6742. Website:

News date : 10/07/2015    Category : Animals/Pets, Community/Charity, Bahamas Local Stories

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