11th Annual G.B.C.C Grand Bahama Cycling Championship Results

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September 22, 2015

They came, they saw, they rode! It was a weekend of excitement on the streets of Grand Bahama as cyclists took to the streets for the 11th Annual Grand Bahama Road Cycling Championships! As always it was a heated event, with high speeds from the beginning. And of course it would not be a Grand Bahama Cycling Championships without a bit of rain as the clouds threatened to open up and wash the cyclists in their cooling waters.
In the end, the cyclists were spared of the rain, but they were not spared of the blistering sun nor that battering wind. The wind battered the cyclists as they rode into it, but pushed speeds up to 34mph as they rode with it. The high speeds along with the barrage of attacks put in by members of the Bahamas National Team in attempts to whittle down the pack soon created a separation of the peloton into different groups.
At the conclusion of the event, there was a new female champion in the name of Ms. Sylvia Bateman and with a powerful sprint, former G.B. Road Cycling Champion Anthony "Biggie" Colebrook outsprinted another former G.B. Champion and current National Champion Jay Major to reprise his role as Grand Bahama Road Cycling Champion.
The Official Results are listed below:
Sylvia Bateman                        1st                                  2:01:31
Category 1 - 73 Miles
Anthony Colebrook                 1st                                 3:24:35
Jay Major                                  2nd                                3:24:36
Roy Colebrook Jr.                    3rd                                 3:24:37
Angelo Sturrup                        4th                                 3:24:37
Justin Minnis                            5th                                 3:24:38
Chris Curry                                6th                                 3:24:39
Kenton Roker                           7th                                 3:32:17
Category 2 - 49 Miles
David Mellor                             1st                                 2:13:48
Romeo Seymour                      2nd                                2:21:15
Lionel Smith                              3rd                                2:48:42
Maceo Wood                            DNF
Kenute Thompson                   DNF
Category 3 - 37 Miles
Paul Mellor                                 1st                                 1:45:24
Terrance Winder                       2nd                                2:32:50
Ricardo Major                            DNF  
Congratulations to all of the cyclist over the weekend and a special thank you to everyone who came out to support this event! The next event on the G.B.C.C. Calendar is the 2nd Annual G.B.C.C. Season Closing weekend, which will be held on Saturday November 21st and Sunday November 22nd, 2015. This event will be a joint venture between the Grand Bahama Cyclists Club and the Grand Bahama Cycling Association.
Until then, Happy Pedaling!

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