Ministry of Transport Partners with Commonwealth Brewery to Promote Responsible Drinking

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September 14, 2015

With the number of traffic fatalities hitting 38 so far for the year, the Ministry of Transport & Aviation is taking steps to promote road safety. To this end, the Ministry is participating in a promotion in collaboration with Commonwealth Brewery. The event is the company's 'Enjoy Responsibly Day' sponsored by Heineken, one of the organization's top-selling brands. 'Enjoy Responsibly Day’ is scheduled for Friday, September 18. In addition, the partnership will also include participation by the Bahamas AIDS foundation.

The event was launched during a press conference held at the Ministry of Transport & Aviation on Thursday, September 10.

Minister Glenys Hanna-Martin said that she was excited about the event, given the number of traffic fatalities resulting from the abuse of alcohol. She said that the promotion is 'timely' and will have a positive effect as it would raise awareness to two important issues facing young people in particular: driving while under the influence of alcohol, and HIV & AIDS as a result of unprotected sexual encounters.

“Traffic accidents wreak havoc on many lives in the country,” said the Minister. “This campaign particularly targets a key element in traffic fatalities, namely the consumption of alcohol. If you are going to drink, do so responsibly, designate a driver or take other measures to ensure your safety and the safety of others.”

After thanking the Minister for inviting the Road Traffic Department to participate in the campaign, Managing Director of Commonwealth Brewery Hans Neven said that the event is an opportunity to collectively showcase the company's efforts to reduce alcohol-related harm, and make 'moderation' a key component to drinking. He said that harmful and excessive consumption of alcohol is one of the biggest risks that their brand 'Heineken' has to face.

“No one wins from excessive drinking,”said Mr. Neven. “There is nothing to be gained: not for our business, not for individuals, not for society. We use the power of our brands to make moderation aspirational and celebrate our low and non-alcoholic brands, for example, Kalik Radler, Fayrouz and Vitamalt. We advocate that moderation is cool. We want people to have a night to remember not a night to forget.”

President of the Bahamas AIDS Foundation, Lady Camille Barnett, said that she was very pleased to be invited to participate in the campaign and thanked Commonwealth Brewery for being a good corporate citizen.

“The Bahamas AIDS Foundation especially encourages persons to know their HIV status and to protect themselves from STI's (sexually transmitted infections) and HIV though the use of condoms. You are better able to protect yourself if you are drinking responsibly and have a clear head.”

This is Heineken's second 'Enjoy Responsibly Day.’ In 2014, the event was held in 46 markets and this year 54 markets will take part in the event.

The campaign will include the distribution of bumper stickers, vehicle inspection decals, distribution of T-shirts and a jingle by Sosa Man. The company has also partnered with various media houses to participate in their morning shows.

The Ministry of Transport and Aviation is partnering with Commonwealth Brewery to promote responsible drinking. A press conference was held at the Ministry on Thursday, September 10 to launch the Heineken 2nd Annual 'Enjoy Responsibly Day’ slated for Friday, September 18. In addition, the Bahamas AIDS Foundation will participate in the event, which will be celebrated in 54 markets this year. Pictured L-R: Representative, Road Traffic Department, Karen Mortimer; Comptroller, Road Traffic Department, Ross Smith; Human Resources Manager, Commonwealth Brewery, Denise Barnes; Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transport and Aviation, Lorraine Armbrister; Minister of Transport and Aviation, the Hon. Glenys Hanna-Martin; Managing Director, Commonwealth Brewery, Hans Neven; and President, Bahamas AIDS Foundation, Lady Camille Barnett. (BIS Photo/Kristaan Ingraham).

News date : 09/14/2015    Category : About Bahamians, Press Releases

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