Family mourns for murdered teacher

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January 12, 2011

Denise Adderley’s sister, Dr. Nicole Adderley, searched feverishly yesterday at their home for a photo of her sister that could be published in the media. Her sister, Denise Adderley, a 39-year-old Uriah McPhee pre-school teacher, disliked taking pictures. Nicole knew which photos she would have objected to.
Many of the photos she scanned through were memories of happier times. Nicole’s last memory of her sister was when she walked out the front door of their home on Sunday night. Minutes after they said goodbye to each other, Denise was shot to death at a Texaco service station at Wulff Road.
“I literally watched my sister walk out of this house Sunday night,” ...

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News date : 01/12/2011    Category : Nassau Guardian Stories

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