EARTHCARE gives presentation at Coach Nathan's Tennis Camp

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August 07, 2015

EARTHCARE presents to Coach Nathan's Tennis Camp - L-R Trayvon Marche, Justin Atkinson, Kateleen Samson, Nathalie Samson, Martin Samson, Gail Woon (EARTHCARE Founder), front Valentino Munnings. (Photo by EARTHCARE)FREEPORT, Grand Bahama - One again, EARTHCARE presented to tennis campers attending Coach Nathan O'Connor's Tennis Camp. Bahamian environmental issues were the focus.
Gail Woon, EARTHCARE representative was happy to interact with the campers. "The students were a pleasure to work with. They have a good grasp on the environmental topics covered," she said.
Topics presented this summer included: Ground, Air and Water Pollution, Solid Waste Management (burning refuse versus a properly lined and managed Landfill), Unsustainable Development (e.g. building golf courses on beach fronts resulting in fertilizers polluting the reef and surrounding habitat as well as the environmental impacts of mega-developments), Dredging without Environmental Impact Assessment, Oil Spills, Industrial Mining, Coastal Habitat Destruction, Endangered Sea and Shore Birds, Healthy Reefs vs. Unhealthy Reefs, Sea Level Rise, Mangrove Destruction, Abaco Parrots, Turtles, Sharks and Kids Who make a Difference.
The children were very engaged and EARTHCARE was happy to have had the opportunity to interact with them. The campers learned about tennis, golf, nutrition, exercise and responsibility.

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News date : 08/07/2015    Category : Bahama Islands Info Stories

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