Western Warriors Clean Up Our Beaches

Sun, Jul 5th 2015, 02:00 PM

In order to solve two major problems facing our beautiful Bahamas, (1) unsightly beach littering and (2) youth without summer plans or employment, the Western Warriors Soccer Club have organized a community service program called "Love & Respect your self + your community + your country".

The program takes the soccer players aged 13 to 18 to different parts of New Providence each Saturday, where they conduct a thorough cleanup of a specific coastal area.  For the past two weekends, the soccer team have cleaned up the beaches in the areas of the Caves and Adelaide.  

The boys form small teams and collect litter wearing safety gloves, and then deposit all the garbage in a central location for collection.  They have received full support from the Ministry of Tourism's Coastal Awareness Program and the Ministry of Environmental Health in their efforts, and have also been supported by local residents and businesses in targeted areas.

The Western Warriors Soccer Club is a not for profit community organization active in the Bahamas Football Association's Youth League, and is sponsored by Bahamas Hot Mix.

For further information, please contact Saskia D'Aguilar at sds.bahamas@yahoo.com

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