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May 01, 2015

Three days featuring a number of the Caribbean's biggest Soca names and some of the hottest Bahamian artists -- the principals at Alpha Sounds and K.O. Productions are giving the ultimate 72-hour party weekend, known as "Survival Weekend".

The party kicks off tonight with The Redemption Soca Fest and Tribute to Ronnie Butler at the SuperClubs Breezes parking lot. It continues on Saturday with Exile, the 'fete of all fetes' again at the SuperClubs Breezes parking lot, where the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight will also be shown; and concludes with Castaway, the ultimate cooler fete at the beach soccer pitch on East Bay Street.

With Kerwin Dubois (Trinidad), Patrice Roberts (Trinidad), Skinny Fabulous (St. Vincent), Lyrikal (Trinidad), Farmer Nappy (Trinidad), Fada Fox (Barbados), Lil Rick (Barbados), Nadia Batson (Trinidad), Flippo (Trinidad), 5 Star Akil (Trinidad), Ricardo Drue (Antigua); Puzzle, Dyson Knight, Wendi Lewis, Olatunji, Ebony (Sky Juice Band), Blottie (Sky Juice Band), Angelique Sabrina and Julian Believe on the program, Survival Weekend is being billed as the biggest event just before Carnival. Attendees can party for 72 hours if they can handle it -- and if they can't, they get to pick and choose their party of choice.

Bahamian legend Ronnie Butler, who was inducted into the Caribbean Hall of Fame, will be honored at Redemption Soca Fest. He is also expected to perform some of his "carnival-flavored" hits.

According to Trevor Davis, principal at Alpha Sounds, and Kenny Mackey, principal at K.O. Productions, this weekend is about unity and coming together to ensure that the Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival has an excellent inaugural experience. They say this weekend's events will allow people to get a taste of what it is that Junkanoo Carnival has to offer, with something in the pot for people from every walk of life.

For the younger revelers there will be a messy side on each night; for patrons who want to just have a blast but stay clean, there is a clean side to the fun; for the mature, upscale patrons there is an all-inclusive platinum section; and for people just wanting to chill out, they can do so at the beach cooler fete, where they can chill out with their coolers - which will be filled with ice and drinks - to the music of Five Star Akil, Nadia Boston, Flipo and Ricardo Dru along with Dyson.

There will even be a survival obstacle course for the more daring. Everyone who makes it through the entire weekend will be offered survival prizes. Those who make it through the three-day weekend should be prepared for another big event, because Davis is bringing Destra to town. The "Lucy" singer will be performing on Saturday, May 30.

"Destra has the biggest song after Carnival this year," said Davis. "'Lucy' has gained traction worldwide and she is the most sought after artist right now."

Davis said he had to do some muscling and maneuvering and got the steal. He is excited for this weekend's "Survival Weekend" as well as the Destra show.

"I've been at this for some 15 years, and music itself took a nose dive over the last seven years, but since the government came up with the [Bahamas Junkanoo] Carnival it's started to pick back up, so I'm very excited that we don't have to work as hard as we did in the past," said Davis.

"The younger generation wants the music, and music is life," he said. "To be able to entertain people on this level is something I've always dreamed of and wanted to do. I want them to get that they can come out for three nights and have fun.

Following "Survival Weekend" and Destra's performance, Davis said he has a few more events in the pipeline that people can look out for. During "Survival Weekend" people should expect a great parties with top deejays, infused with a high-energy show. In a nod to the upcoming Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival, costumes will also be given away.

Ronnie Butler
Patrice Roberts
Julien Believe
Kerwin Dubois
Lil Ric
Angelique Sabrina

Skinny Fabulous
Farmer Nappy
Ebony (Sky Juice Band)
Blottie (Sky Juice Band)
Fadda Fox
Wendi Lewis
Nadia Batson

Dyson Knight
5 Star Akil
Ricardo Drue

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