High expectations for new non-alcoholic offering by Commonwealth Brewery

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May 14, 2015

Commonwealth Brewery has "high expectations" for its newly launched "Kalik Radler 0.0%" non-alcoholic beverage, which aims to tap into the country's market of people who do not drink alcohol.

Stacy Mackey, brand manager for non-alcoholic beverages at Commonwealth Brewery, yesterday told NB12 that the new product opened Commonwealth Brewery up to the new market to compliment the brewery's existing two percent strength Radler.

"For us, we wanted to be innovative in coming up with new products that would appeal to persons who don't drink alcohol. We wanted to make sure that we covered that market segment.

"We do have high expectations because while a lot of people drink, a lot of people don't drink. We wanted to ensure that there are options available and for us we think that it's very exciting and we're looking forward to doing well with both drinks," she said.

With the summer months approaching, Engineering Manager Edbert Beneby stated that the company's next step is to raise awareness of the product. The marketing push began earlier this month through the company's participation in the IAAF World Relays.

"We really expect to take the market by storm. It's refreshing right here at the beginning of the summer months so we really expect it to take off," he said.

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