Why COB will never really be a university

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April 20, 2015

Dear Editor,

I was extremely bothered by a press release sent out by COBUS about pending fee increases at The College of The Bahamas. While in all honesty, the fees are affordable and the increase is probably necessary, I cannot see them asking for more money while providing less service. There was an instance last year where the business office misplaced over $12,000 and this has yet to be rectified.

I am a biochemistry student and this semester was my worst yet at COB with all of my major classes being offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday back-to-back because there was some type of scheduling problem.

As students, we spoke up about this and yet there has been no change. The classes for us to register have not been placed on self-serve as yet. Even lecturers understand and admit that there are so many colossal screw-ups with the administration of the college. In my program, one of the largest the college has, there are only three lower level courses being offered this summer.

When I asked my advisor why is this the case, I was sent to the dean who stated that students will need to sacrifice this summer because he isn't going to be allowing lecturers to be making any overtime. So I should suffer because of his issues?

How can you be asking for more money AGAIN? We already have a parking fee (with hardly any available parking spaces), technology fee (when there are never enough working computers or printers) and campus development fee (when nothing has changed).

Really, if this is the mentality of our administration, there is no way this college will ever become anything close to a university.

- Disillusioned student

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News date : 04/20/2015    Category : Letters, Nassau Guardian Stories

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