Man shot dead while at work in Bain Town

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February 25, 2015

A man was shot and killed while at work off Augusta Street in Bain Town yesterday, police said.

Officers responding to reports of gunshots around 2:45 p.m. found the man lying on the ground with gunshot wounds at IDS Battery and Courier Services. Chief Superintendent Paul Rolle, head of the Central Detective Unit, said police understand a gunman wearing a hooded jacket walked up to the man, a resident of Gibbs Corner, and shot him several times. The victim, who police said has dread locks and was in his 20s, was packaging goods at the outdoor business when he was shot. Rolle said the owner of the business, who was nearby at the time of the shooting, was not harmed.

Battery and Courier Services processes and recycles batteries. Police did not know the motive for the shooting. This shooting pushed the country's murder count to 23 for 2015.

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News date : 02/25/2015    Category : Accident/Emergency, Crime, Nassau Guardian Stories

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