Resorts World Bimini spends millions with Bahamian vendors in 2014

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February 02, 2015

BIMINI - Resorts World Bimini (RWB) continues to provide a significant boost to the economy of Bimini and The Bahamas as a whole, spending millions of dollars with local businesses in the process. In 2014 alone, RWB spent more than $8.6 million with Bimini and New Providence-based businesses for various goods and services including food and beverage, transportation and entertainment.

"Resorts World Bimini continues to demonstrate its commitment to help fuel Bimini's economy," said RWB President Edward Farrell. "Bimini businesses are experiencing exponential growth as a result of our presence and this will only get better as our project continues to expand."

One of the businesses directly and indirectly impacted by RWB's operation is Stuart's Conch Stand, which supplies the resort with seafood for its restaurants. The business also services many of the visitors who come to the island in search of the Bahamian delicacy. Proprietor Fabian Stuart said business has been on an upswing since the advent of RWB.

"We are grateful to Resorts World for their support," he said. "Business has been so good that we are in the process of expanding our operation and I'm really excited about what the future holds."

Another food vendor that has been servicing the resort is Nate's Variety of Bimini Bread, which supplies bread to RWB's six restaurants.

"I get very good support, awesome business from Resorts World and the SuperFast cruise ship," he said. "We find that a lot of visitors to the resort come looking for us after they taste our bread at the resort. We're really looking forward to the opening of the new hotel because we expect that business will pick up even more."

RWB's commitment to supporting local businesses is evident in many more instances such as these throughout the island. Several of Bimini's golf cart vendors fared very well in 2014, taking in a combined total of more than $349,000 in rentals from RWB. Additionally, regional airlines like SkyBahamas benefitted from the resort's support.

"Most of our traffic is based on business we get from Resorts World Bimini," said proprietor Captain Randy Butler. "We had a more hopeful Christmas because of Resorts World Bimini and we are hoping to establish an even closer relationship going forward."

The resort spent more than half a million dollars on wines and spirits with companies based in Bimini and New Providence last year.

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