Crisis and Counselling Centre offers help to those in despair

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December 30, 2014

Parenting classes, anger management sessions, drug counselling, grief counselling and health screenings are all being offered at the Bain and Grants Town Advancement Association's (BGTAA) Crisis and Counselling Centre, located in Yoruba House.
The center will offer an additional platform for those people seeking support in times of despair. People who are afraid to share their problems with others are able to make use of the center to receive the help they need and feel safe. The BGTAA takes the initiative to help residents build essential life skills that will help people function as a mature and developed citizen.
The Association recently dedicated the center at the site, which also houses the Bain Grants Town Museum and Library, during its 3rd annual Bain Grants Town Heroes Week.
Since its opening a number of seminars and events have been hosted for the residents. Most recently, BGTAA Director of Health, Nurse Larrie Miller-Ferguson, assisted by Nurse Natasha Pennerman, gave tips to residents between the ages of four to 16 on keeping safe during the holidays, including presenting themselves in the appropriate fashion.
The BGTAA Crisis and Counselling Centre is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Centre also has a 24-hour hotline that can be reached at 326-2490.

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News date : 12/30/2014    Category : Health, Nassau Guardian Stories

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