Eight Mile Rock student snags PSA competition win

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December 10, 2014

Eight Mile Rock High School's Satori Curry claimed first place in the recent Keep Grand Bahama Clean (KGBC) public service announcement (PSA) competition.
Curry's PSA said "littering doesn't help us; the attraction of the land and beaches is what brings visitors to our country which helps expand the industry and bring money into the country."
Bishop Michael Eldon Anglican School students Sidney McIntosh and Katrina Dorsette tied for second, with Eight Mile Rock High School student Asia Outten named to the third spot.
McIntosh's PSA said: "Our number one industry is tourism, so we need to keep our island clean to sustain the industry so that it can prosper. Tell family and friends not to litter, what will we have left if we destroy it."
While Dorsette's PSA: "For our future and the next generation, I think that it's important to keep our island clean."
Outten claimed a third place finish with "I discourage my peers from littering, and try hard myself not to litter. I think it's sad to pass on the road and see garbage on the roads, beaches and parks."
The Keep Grand Bahama Clean (KGBC) initiative has hosted many competitions at the primary, junior high and senior high levels over the years, with the aim of raising the awareness of the importance of keeping a clean environment amongst the youth of the island. In commemoration of the eighth anniversary of KGBC, during youth month, the committee once again thought it fitting to incorporate a youth component in the celebrations.
"There is so much talent among our youth, and with this very important issue of keeping a clean environment which impacts us all as residents, it is both exciting and thought-provoking to learn from our students as they seek to make us all conscious about the environmental issues that exists and the need for us all be to better stewards of what God has given us," said committee chairperson and Grand Bahama Port Authority Environmental Manager, Nakira Wilchcombe.
"At the end of the day we want these messages to be heard, and who better to express them than our youth," she said.
Previous anniversaries have focused on competitions amongst various genres such as art, music and elocution, through debates, trash to treasure, photography, jingles and documentary.

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News date : 12/10/2014    Category : Education, Nassau Guardian Stories

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