Kalik a platinum Junkanoo sponsor for third year

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November 27, 2014

As we enter another exciting Junkanoo season, Kalik, the Beer of the Bahamas, relishes the opportunity to play a pivotal role in the preservation of our iconic national celebration. Kalik has become synonymous with what it means to be a Bahamian, from Junkanoo, to the Barefoot Bandit Special, to rake n scrape and regatta, celebrating our rich Bahamian culture that runs deep in your veins. From the "Kalik" sound of the cowbells, to the brightly colored costumes, to the pure excitement that one gets while rushing or merely viewing, Kalik Is Junkanoo. The same time and dedication that Junkanooers exhibit while preparing for months in the shack is the same quality from which Kalik is derived. Bahamians are a proud people, and their craftsmanship is on full display as groups showcase their talents. Kalik shares this Bahamian spirit of pride, through its continued support of the Junkanoo Corporation New Providence Limited (JCNP) and the 2014 Boxing Day and 2015 New Year's Day Parades by delivering to the JCNP the third year of sponsorship of what is a three-year commitment to being a platinum sponsor of the parades. Kalik is the sponsor for the following parade categories:
o Best music for A and B divisions;
o Best lead costume for A, B, and D divisions;
o Best off the shoulder A and B divisions;
o Best free dance A and B division.
The JCNP, which has been in existence since 2004, is responsible for ensuring that the Junkanoo parades are well executed each year. Silbert Ferguson, the JCNP chairman, states "I am pleased when responsible corporate citizens invest in our Bahamian people and our most significant national festival. Kalik has come on board in a big way and we are very appreciative for this support."
"As the beer of The Bahamas, Kalik is intrinsically linked with Junkanoo and it is only fitting that we give this iconic celebration our full support," said Jannifer Thurston, Kalik brand manager.
In addition to the national parade sponsorship, during the month of November Kalik holds four massive Junkanoo events which feature the Roots, Valley Boys, One Family and Saxons Junkanoo groups. Part of the proceeds generated from this series of events is earmarked to the featured Junkanoo groups to help defray cost of "getting to Bay". Kalik has also committed to supporting the Junkanoo activities in Eleuthera, Abaco and Andros.
"Kalik is sharing its Bahamian pride by once again participating in the fun group category with the 'Kalikers', a group comprised of company employees from all departments and friends," said Thurston. "Kalik wants to ensure that our unique Junkanoo celebration continues to blossom. We hope that all of us can join in this wonderful celebration, share our pride and keep the Junkanoo spirit thriving."
As part of this Junkanoo season Kalik will also be giving away tickets to 50 lucky winners to witness the national parades from Rawson Square, via a promotion linked to the purchase of Kalik beer in Burns House and Butler and Sands stores.

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News date : 11/27/2014    Category : Entertainment, Nassau Guardian Stories

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