Mini Me Yoga Come to The Bahamas

Tue, Aug 26th 2014, 03:15 PM

Mini Me Yoga, an international company that has brought the power of positive thinking and wellness to children all over the world, is now offering programs on Grand Bahama. The program will also be available on additional islands within the country over the next several months.

The mission of Mini Me Yoga is to provide yoga and positive thinking activities and products to children and offer training to empower parents and teachers to incorporate Mini Me sessions into a child’s daily or weekly routine. Mini Me Yoga is in 19 countries on 6 continents around the world. The program has been globally embraced by school systems, day care programs and community groups.

The Mini Me Yoga program was officially launched this summer in The Bahamas at the Lucaya International School summer camp on Grand Bahama. To kick off this exciting program, free sessions were facilitated with over 40 children between the ages of 5 and 11. The children got to experience the fun and excitement of this wonderful concept that encourages interaction between children in a group setting that fosters positive thinking, healthy physical exercise, imagination and creativity.

One of the reasons Mini Me Yoga’s founder, Kate Bartram-Brown, created this successful global company was because she felt that preventative healthcare for children is widely absent from education systems around the globe. She says; “If we could help children grow up with a positive mind-set and healthy body, they wouldn’t have to do all the work -as we do now-when we get to adulthood to be balanced, healthy individuals who know how to cope with the stresses of everyday life. Studies have shown that teaching yoga to children helps them learn how to release stress, retain more information, and increase confidence. The positive thinking techniques that Mini Me incorporates into each session increase a child’s awareness of the power of their own thoughts and how to use positive words to make them feel more joy in their lives.”

Mini Me Yoga is a great program for schools, parents and caretakers who want to introduce healthy activities into the lives of the children they care for. Sessions can be directly delivered to groups of children in the privacy of your own home, classrooms, private parties, or community centers. A 2-hour training workshop is also available for those who wish to learn how to facilitate the sessions themselves. If you are interested in scheduling a Mini Me Yoga group session or are interested in learning to deliver Mini Me Yoga sessions within your own home or classroom please contact Cheri Wood at 375-2901 or Anyone can learn how to deliver Mini Me sessions and no prior yoga experience is required. The only prerequisite is a positive attitude and a love for children.

For more information regarding Mini Me Yoga in general and its founder Kate Bartram-Brown, you can visit or like the Mini Me Facebook page at


All photos below were taken at the Mini Me Yoga launch at the Lucaya International School Summer Camp in June 2014


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