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Letters to the Editor: Time for young people to rescue a country in crisis

Letters to the Editor: Time for young people to rescue a country in crisis

Mon, Jun 24th 2024, 04:30 AM


I write to you as a 19-year-old Bahamian with a profound sense of urgency, urging the young people of the Bahamas to unite and lead the change our society urgently needs. Recent spikes in suicides and violent crimes across our communities highlight a dark reality: we are a country in crisis that requires immediate intervention.

In January 2024, the US Embassy issued a level 2 travel advisory for the Bahamas due to rising crime rates, cautioning their citizens. While opinions on such advisories may vary, they underscore a critical truth: our safety concerns are impacting on our vital tourism industry, which supports a significant portion of our population. We must address these issues directly rather than avoiding them.

While our police system plays a crucial role, it is up to us to assist. I urge young Bahamians: Stay away from gang-related activity, report incidents promptly, and resolve differences peacefully without violent means.

The alarming increase in attempted suicides among our youth also demands immediate attention. Too many young Bahamians battle deep depression, feeling isolated and hopeless. According to the World Health Organization, over 700,000 people globally commit suicide annually, making it the fourth leading cause of death among 15-29-year-olds worldwide in 2019. This demonstrates that suicide is not just a local issue but a global concern. We need Bahamians to be vigilant and reach out to those in need of emotional and mental support, guiding them to professional help where necessary.

Fellow young Bahamians, the time to act is now. Let us identify causes we are passionate about and advocate for justice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Joining local political groups such as Torchbearers Youth Association and Progressive Young Liberals, or organizing awareness campaigns, are impactful ways to make a difference. Engaging in community service and volunteering for programs like Rotaract, the Red Cross, or Hands for Hunger can uplift and empower our neighborhoods.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, please seek help from a professional - you do not have to suffer in silence.

Together, we must pave the way towards a violence-free Bahamas. It begins with each of us taking a stand and actively working towards a safer, more compassionate society.

Atlantic Tropical Weather Outlook

Atlantic Tropical Weather Outlook

Mon, Jun 24th 2024, 01:06 AM


ABNT20 KNHC 240506


Tropical Weather Outlook

NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL

200 AM EDT Mon Jun 24 2024

For the North Atlantic...Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico:

Southwestern Gulf of Mexico (AL93):

A trough of low pressure located along the coast of northeastern

Mexico is producing disorganized showers and thunderstorms.

Development of this system is not expected. However, heavy rainfall

is likely to continue during the next several hours across portions

of northeastern Mexico, which could lead to localized flooding.

* Formation chance through 48 hours...low...near 0 percent.

* Formation chance through 7 days...low...near 0 percent.


Forecaster Cangialosi

FNM Leader: We Are Doing Our Job

FNM Leader: We Are Doing Our Job

Sun, Jun 23rd 2024, 08:00 PM

NASSAU, BAHAMAS - Free National Movement Leader Michael Pintard is hitting back at Coalition of Independents Leader Lincoln Bain. Bain says he believes the official opposition can do a lot more.

A Story Of Hope: Teen Raises $400K+ In Scholarships

A Story Of Hope: Teen Raises $400K+ In Scholarships

Sun, Jun 23rd 2024, 07:30 PM

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