General Election 2021

Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador Constituency 2017

Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador Constituency 2017

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Cat Island, Rum Cay & San Salvador Polling Divisions

  1. Arthur's Town High School

  2. Orange Creek Primary School

  3. Bennett's Harbour Primary School

  4. Media Centre, The Cove

  5. New Bight Primary School

  6. Old Bight Primary School

  7. Porte Howe Primary School

  8. Port Howe Primary School

  9. Rum Cay All Age School, Port Nelson

  10. Catholic Church Hall, Cockburn Town

  11. San Salvador High School

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Election Results

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Election NEWS Update

11:40pm - PLP get 52.53%, FNM 36.17%, COI 6.77%, Independents 3.2% and the last place DNA get 1.33% of the votes.

11:22pm - Around 60% of eligible voters cast a vote.

10:20pm - The official results are in. PLP win 32 seats, FNM win 7 and DNA, COI and independents 0 seats.

2:10pm - The unofficial results shows that only three former members of Cabinet held onto their seats – former Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis in Killarney, Michael Pintard in Marco City and Iram Lewis in Central Grand Bahama.

In addition to the three seats that were won by the former ministers, the Free National Movement (FNM) also won St. Anne’s (Adrian White), St. Barnabas (Shanendon Cartwright) and Long Island (Adrian Gibson).
The official results will be released after the ballots are recounted.

17-09-2021 2:00pm - The official results will be released after the ballots are recounted. This should be sometime today.

10:00pm - Incoming Prime Minister Philip 'Brave' Davis has addressed supporters in Cat Island. “In the morning, we will rise as one nation and meet the challenges ahead,”

9:26pm - Still a lot of numbers have still to be published

9:01pm - Brave Davis WINS !!!!!!

9:01pm - Minnis calls Brave Davis to concede.

8:49:pm - PLP celebrating

7:12pm - PLP on a roll, FNM in trouble, DNA GONE

7:59pm - Prediction Adrian Gibson wins Long Island

7:00pm - The first numbers are coming in

6:12pm - Votes will start coming in soon..

6:00pm - Polls now closed

5:53pm - If you are still in line at 6pm, you will still be able to VOTE.. STAY IN LINE.

5:50pm - Polling stations closing soon.

5:00pm - There is a total of 192,587 registered voters in 2021 and there was 201,964 in 2017

4:06pm - The curfew hours for Thursday 16 September 2021 will be 11:59pm to 5am in accordance with the Emergency Powers (COVID 19 Pandemic) (Management and Recovery) (No. 2) (Amendment) (No. 11) Order, 2021. Read the full order here

3:49pm - Time to cast your VOTE, if you have not done so..

3:00pm - Brave Davis slams late promises. IN a final push to garner support, Philip "Brave" Davis sold himself as a formidable leader in stark contrast to an "out of his depth" Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis whose last four years in office were marked by "a poverty of vision"

2:50pm - No lines at Palmdale Primary (the largest polling station)

2:45pm - Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis speaks with the media and joins supporters after voting in Killarney.

2:45pm - No lines at St Anne's

2:40pm - Reports are that is a very LOW turnout.

2:20pm - Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis shows his ink-stained thumb after he cast his vote at New Providence Community Church.
Hubert Minnis Shows His Purple Thumb

1:55pm - The Progressive Liberal Party said an issue with a ballot was raised at a Yamacraw polling station and it is seeking to have the matter addressed.

“Please note that in Yamacraw a voter was given a ballot with a mark on it,” the PLP said. “The voter noticed the mark and asked for another ballot. The legal team is having voting suspended to have all ballots checked.”

12:51pm - "Very quiet at all polling divisions at St. Anne's. Good time to move!"....Nicolette Archer

12:22pm - Brave Davis Ready To Lead.
Brave Davis Ready to leadThank you for such kind words. In order to lead one must serve! I am here to do just that!.. Brave Davis

12:20pm - PLP Leader ​Philip 'Brave' Davis on the ground in San Salvador.
Brave Davis in San Salvador

11:25am - Lines seem to be moving smoothly

11:00am - Curfew Extended to 11:59pm

10:39am - Minnis "I will Protect you"
Minnis, I will Protect YouPRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis encouraged Bahamians to validate his party's performance in office and return him to power. Click here to read more.

9:00am - Polling stations OPEN