Reef Worlds Next Generation Artificial Reefs

Reef Worlds Next Generation Artificial Reefs
Cape Eleuthera
Eleuthera, Bahamas

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Reef Worlds Next Generation Artificial Reefs

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About Reef Worlds

Reef Worlds help waterfront properties worldwide enhance their near shore waters, the ones closest to beach fronts with interactive man made designs elements placed underwater. The idea is to create entire worlds underwater that inspire and are iconic. Reef Worlds are carefully placed in areas where resorts and developments have sand or grass/rock bed bottoms that currently hold little interest to your guests.

Our underwater sites are 100 neutral and do not harm the environment, rather they provide instant habitat for a wide variety of fish and coral life to begin near shore propagation. They can also be used as discreet set aside or mini marine protected areas capturing high volume tourism traffic while protecting natural reefs nearby. Unlike swimming pools or land based water attractions Reef Worlds require no maintenance, chemicals, or staff.

Once you place a Reef World on your waterfront nature takes over from there and it's hurricane proof.

We want your snorkelers and divers to come away with a feeling of wonderment and awe, the same feeling Dr.Howard Carter had when he first unearthed King Tuts tomb in 1922. This is underwater discovery on a grand scale and completely branded to you.

Reef Worlds design process enables our clients to help develop the feel and back story to their Reef World. We use design elements pulled from Bali and the South Pacific, Latin America and beyond to create iconic worlds underwater.

The examples given on our website are just renderings, final Reef Worlds are distinctly designed as snorkel trails and dive certification and training sites that remain exclusively on your resorts footprint.

Reef Worlds Discovery Trails are experiential adventures in line with the best tourism practices worldwide and represent the future of underwater exploration. They help sell additional hotel room nights, condos, create jobs, add instant value to private properties and create a media environment that deliver years of organic print, television, and social media exposure that normal dive/snorkel sites cannot.