Events on June 21, 2021 - Monday

Voyage of the Drum World Jazz Festival

Monday 21st June 2021  5:00 PM

Kansas City and the UNESCO Cities of Music announce the Voyage of the Drum.

18 UNESCO Creative Cities will participate on 21 June 2021. The videos will be streamed on YouTube courtesy of the Music Export Poland: MUSIC EXPORT POLAND - YouTube and with the support of the Polish Ministry of Culture.

The Voyage of the Drum is hosted by UCCN with Kansas City Missouri USA – the only UNESCO Creative City of Music in the United States. The Voyage of the Drum unites the cities of the world through the drum – one of humanity’s earliest instruments. The Voyage of the Drum celebrates the African Diaspora around the world and demonstrates how the influence of African rhythms is felt through many world music cultures.
The 18 participating cities include (year the City joined UNESCO UCCN):
1. Adelaide, Australia (2015)
2. Ambon, Indonesia (2019)
3. Bogotá, Colombia (2012)
4. Chennai, India (2017)
5. Daegu, South Korea (2017)
6. Frutillar, Chiles (2017)
7. Glasgow, Scotland (2008)
8. Hamamatsu City, Japan (2014)
9. Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal (2015)
10. Kansas City, Missouri, USA (2017)
11. Kazan, Russia (2019)
12. Kingston, Jamaica (2015)
13. Kirşehir, Turkey (2019)
14. Leiria, Portugal (2019) with special guests from Guinea-Bissau
15. Llíria, Spain (2019)
16. Nassau, Bahamas (Crafts and Folk Art – 2014)
17. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (2019)
18. Veszprém, Hungary (2019)

Voyage of the Drum World Jazz Festival