Events on March 13, 2013 - Wednesday

SageEden Let's connect in 2013 and grow together!
SageEden Let's connect in 2013 and grow together!

Wednesday 13th March 2013

SageEden Let's connect in 2013 and grow together!

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Saturday, 13, April 2013
The British Colonial Hilton
Registration Deadline: March 28th, 2013
To register contact: (242) 356-0646

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Twisted Lime March Madness
Twisted Lime March Madness

Wednesday 13th March 2013  3:30 PM

March Madness
at Twisted Lime | 3:30pm to 7:30pm. 7 Days a Week.

Draft Beers $3
Absolute Specials $3
Stoli Specials $3

Drink of the Day $5
Bacardi Specials $3
Ricardo Rum Specials $3
Tequila Shots $1
Selected Wines $3.50
Lady's ask about our fruit bubbles just $8

Tucked away in the back of Sandy Port is a hidden gem called Twisted Lime! Where any occasion becomes an unforgettable evening. Whether it be our inside dining area or over looking the water on either one of our outside patios, let us cater to you with service that is straight from the heart.

Bahamas State Council 2013 63rd General Convention

Wednesday 13th March 2013  5:10 PM

Bahamas State Council 2013
63rd General Convention
Greater Bethel Cathedral
Faith way Off Blue Hill Rd. South
Corner of Carlton E Francis Primary School

There: “Let the Church be the Church”
Matthew 16:13 – 19
Sunday, March 10th thru Friday, March 15th 2013 @7:30pm nightly
Daily Day Session 12noon – 2:00pm

Bishop Ellis Farrington J.P. Diocesan
Suff. Bishop Ezekiel Munnings – Assistant Chairman
Suff. Bishop Christopher Minnis – Host Pasto

Other Speakers Include:
Suff. Bishop Winston Redwood
Suff. Bishop George Duncombe
Pastor Thomas Mackey
Pastor Wendell Duncombe
Elder Ellis Farrington Jr.
Evangelist Idamae Nesbitte
Come and receive the powerful word of God, And be restored and live a victorious life. Anointed National Choirs and Guest Artists. Come and be Blessed!

For more information:
Tel: 242-361-2800 / Fax 242-361-1102

Retro-Retrospective Peace and Nature
Retro-Retrospective Peace and Nature

Wednesday 13th March 2013  5:30 PM

You are cordially invited to the viewing of

Peace and Nature

An Exhibition by
Nicola Hepburn

Show Dates:
March 8th - April 6th, 2013

Opening Night Reception:
Friday March 8th, 2013
Time: 5:30pm - 9:00pm


Artist's Statement

"Retro-Retrospective: Peace and Nature," is a showing of paintings from the past, some of which have already been shown, joining with those of the present, which have not been shown before. That is the meaning of "Retro-Retrospective" where this exhibition is concerned. "Peace and Nature" is a reflection of "Entropy", a metaphor of man's relationship with the universe. Overall, the concept of this exhibition is to show my continued affinity for "World Peace" and its connection with "Nature."


Nicola Hepburn has a B.A. from Boston College in English Literature, and a M.Sc. from Boston University in Marketing Communication.

She has worked for The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas' Gift Shop, selling admission tickets to the museum and retail sales of Bahamian craft objects. She also worked during the inaugural year of The Bahamas International Film Festival as an Advertising, Sales,and Marketing Assistant. For this event she organized an extensive database, put together press kits, and served as a messenger.

Nicola has worked as a writer, and has written for What's On, The Tribune, The Nassau Guardian, The Bahamas Handbook, The Financial Digest, Destinations Bahamas, and The Punch. She has also assisted publishers and writers of The Illustrated London News, The Spectator, Vogue, and Country Living, in London, England.

Most recently, Nicola has focused on being an artist, and has had shows at Jitter's Cafe, Compass Point, Cafe Europa, and The Ladder Gallery at NPCC. Her style is primarily as an abstract expressionist, with oil and acrylic paints as her mediums of choice. Her canvases are filled with raw emotion and energy. For a period of time Nicola has been through dark depression, and is now moving into the light. Painting has been very painful at times, but also nourishing to the soul.

On this note, Nicola Hepburn invites you to view her current art exhibition, "Retro-Retrospective - Peace and Nature" at The Ladder Gallery of The New Providence Community Centre, Blake Road. The show dates are from March 8th to April 6th, 2013, with the opening reception on Friday, March 8th at 5:30pm-9:00pm. Please come and support another one of our country's talents. Thank you for your time and attention.

Are We There Yet: The Road to Economic Growth and Recovery
Are We There Yet: The Road to Economic Growth and Recovery

Wednesday 13th March 2013  7:00 PM

The Progressive Young Liberals Presents: "Are We There Yet": The Road to Economic Growth and Recovery

It is the belief of the Progressive Young Liberals that the youth of our nation is indeed the future. We believe that the strength of the nation's youth determine the nation's ability to compete in this global village; thus propelling our commonwealth into a confident future. Now is the time where the youth of our nation are given the stage on which to voice our concerns, propose solutions and have an input referencing our country's national development. The PYL asserts that youth have a role to play in drafting designs to change our country's status on numerous fronts.

In keeping with our beliefs the National Development Committee of the Progressive Young Liberals has several initiatives that will create a platform for young people and the wider public to be a catalyst in the development of our nation. One initiative is a youth forum which will provide a platform for young persons to not only address concerns but also present solutions on our current economic and financial state.

This youth forum will be one that will give young persons an opportunity to dialogue with ministers of the cabinet, address the budget, the country's current financial state, and educational opportunities. We invite the public and especially youth leaders and youth groups to come and be educated as we all work together to move this country forward.

Date: Wednesday March 13th 2013
Time: 7pm
Location: Stephen Dillet Primary School, Wulff Rd.

We welcome all members of the press to be in attendance, as the youth addresses their concerns and dialogue with mentioned Cabinet Ministers.