QuickBooks Beginners and Intermediate Training

QuickBooks Beginners and Intermediate Training

Tuesday 21st May 2013  9:00 AM

You asked for it and it's here!!!!!!!!

QuickBooks Beginners and Intermediate Training

Here are FIVE (5) reasons why you MUST register your staff in our intense Quickbooks training offered by The BCCEC Chamber Institute:

1. You need accounting software!
2. You have to tract accurately your organizations financial transactions!
3. You must lose the manual system you currently employ!
4. You must equip your team members to be proficient in the use of this system!
5. You must avoid the RED and improve your company bottom-line!
What you will learn
1. How to create a company in quickbooks
2. How to set up chart of accounts
3. How to create items (very important)
4. How to create customers
5. How to create vendors
6. How to receive Inventory into QuickBooks (very important)
7. How to create invoices
8. How to create sales receipts
9. How to receive payments
10. How to enter bills
11. How to pay off bills in quickbooks (very important)
12. How to put money in the bank
13. How to enter checks
14. How to perform bank reconciliation
15. Understanding Preferences
16. Assessing the various reports
1 Payroll (understanding payroll)
2. Job costing
3. Class
4. Importing & Exporting from QuickBooks
5. Accessing various special reports
6. Creating templates (invoices)
7. Creating passwords and user access.

These practical and interactive sessions will be facilitated by the Quickbook Master Clayton Gardiner, in the main boardroom of The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and persons successfully completing the program will be awarded a certification of completion and achievement. The program is scheduled for May 21st-23rd beginning at 9am until 3pm.

This program is normally offered through private consultancies for $300 per day, but closing our Spring Calendar, the Institute offers to BCCEC members the three day program for $398 members and $458 for non members (breakfast and lunch included).

If you're interested in doing the beginners or intermediate course only, the cost is $199 members and $229 non-members. Beginners course will be held on Tuesday 21st, 2013 from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. and Wednesday 22nd 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Intermediate course will be held on Wednesday 22nd 1p.m.-4p.m. and Thursday 23rd 9a.m-4p.m. Early registration is required because space is limited. LAPTOPS ARE REQUIRED.

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