The John Beadle Project

The John Beadle Project

Thursday 25th April 2013  7:00 PM

Thursday, April 25, 2013 7pm to 9pm National Art Gallery of The Bahamas

“The John Beadle Project” features a series of new works by Bahamian artist John Beadle, who is known as an accomplished painter but in recent years has broadened his range to include sculpture and large-scale installation.

“As an artist who is finely attuned to the issues of our society, he is known for works that quietly yet deeply observe and raise unsettling questions about our human condition and how we see and treat each other,” says NAGB director Amanda Coulson.

“Born to a Bahamian mother and Jamaican father, Beadle has himself felt the sting of xenophobia and many of his pieces judiciously critique our relationship to our own émigré community and delves into issues – personal, psychological and societal – that are a result of both migration and immigration.

“Immigration is an act of the outside coming in, though this ‘outside’ is usually somewhere distant, somewhere perhaps unfamiliar or scary.”

Coulson notes however that in his new body of work, Beadle turns his gaze closer to home, further inward, and addresses issues of fear and security within our homeland, treating the “outside” as that perceived through the car or house window

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