Operation Potcake

Operation Potcake

Thursday 10th January 2013  7:00 AM

Operation Potcake

On 10 January Operation Potcake kicks off and we?re all madly scrambling around to get the final bits and pieces in place. We have sourced the majority of our supplies, accommodation has been organized for most volunteers, funds are continuously coming in (we still need lots of donations!) and marketing has also begun. Teams are putting up promotional posters in their areas this week. If you would still like to volunteer some time, even if it?s just a day or two please get in touch!

Operation Potcake is January 10th to 21st, 2013. This campaign aims to sterilize 2,000 dogs and cats. We still need lots of volunteers and donation of items to make the campaign a real success. For more information visit www.operationpotcake.com

Founded in 1924, the Bahamas Humane Society is the oldest charity in the Bahamas and was originally called the Dumb Friends League.
It is affiliated to numerous international organisations, including the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA).

It is the only humane organisation in the Caribbean to hold membership of the Standards of Excellence Program sponsored by the American Humane Association of which it has been a member since 1989.
The BHS employs two full time veterinarians. It offers a 24 hour emergency ambulance service and provides care for sick, injured and abandoned animals.

Clinic Locations

The Fox Hill clinic is the Fox Hill Community Centre just north of the roundabout on Fox Hill Rd. Dates: Jan 10-14 and 17 to 21

The Kemp Road clinic is St. Bede?s Church Hall off Strachan Alley.
Dates: Jan 10-14 and 17 to 21

The East Street clinic is 31 Fowler Street, off East Street.
Dates: Jan 10-14 and 17 to 21.

The Carmichael clinic is at Oral?s Golden Auto, 290 Carmichael Road.
Dates: Jan 10-14 and 17 to 19

Montell Heights clinic is behind the Superwash on Robinson Rd, near Minnie St.
Dates: Jan 20 to 21

The Gambier clinic is at the St. Peter?s Native Baptist Church hall at the corner of the Gambier road and West Bay Street.
Dates: Jan 10 to 11

The Adelaide clinic is down the beach road on the south side.
Dates: Jan 12 to 13

The Mt. Pleasant clinic is at La Hipica, next to Goodfellow Farms.
Dates: Jan 14
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