Microsoft Excel Formulas And Functions

Microsoft Excel Formulas And Functions

Saturday 7th July 2012  9:00 AM

Microsoft Excel Formulas And Functions

Have you ever struggled with:

? Accessing all the valuable information in your spreadsheets?
? Making smart business decisions based on your Excel data?
? Providing vital information in order to meet financial goals?
? Identifying business patterns to make better industry forecasts?
? Presenting your information in "layman's terms"?

Stop struggling with these kinds of questions and come to learn the answers! A half-day of in-depth, focused training could take your Excel knowledge to the next level. Join the elite few who have mastered some of Excel's most powerful functions and formulas.
Control all the power Excel has to offer ?

For nearly two decades, Microsoft? Excel? has been the computer industry?s dominant spreadsheet application chosen for its sophisticated reporting, data analysis, and data tracking capabilities by professionals and home users alike. Today, many positions in the workforce require a working knowledge of Excel, and it?s difficult to find a company of any size that doesn?t rely on Excel at some level.

Whether you?re working with sales information, pricing, customer records, employee stats, product inventory, payroll, company financials or other critical information, Excel is an invaluable tool for organizing, managing, analyzing, and tracking your data.
Take your Excel skills to the next level ?

This workshop will take your Excel expertise to the next level. You?ll experience some of Excel?s more complex formulas and functions, and discover how to get the most information out of your data files. This class will advance your knowledge and make you a more confident, capable Excel user.

It can be frustrating, knowing the information you or your company needs is somewhere in your Excel spreadsheets. This training is something you can use as soon as you return to the office. Concepts that were once a struggle will suddenly become simple once you understand the power behind Excel?s formulas and functions. You will increase your productivity as you use Excel more effectively and efficiently.

When: Saturday July 7th, 2012
Time: 9am ? 1pm
Venue: Main Boardroom of The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce & Employers? Confederation
Facilitator: Keshelle Kerr
Investment: $99 (BCCEC Members) $129.00 (Non-BCCEC Members)

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