First Annual Gymnastics Invitational

First Annual Gymnastics Invitational

Saturday 14th April 2012  10:00 AM

Bahamas Star Gymnastics
First Annual Gymnastics Invitational

BSG Training Facility
(Bacardi Road)

April 14th 2012

3 Cubs
Levels 1-8
Over 45 Bahamian Athletes

How we came about...
After researching gym schools in the United States, it was discovered that the success of the sport and gymnasts was the involvement of parents through booster clubs. Following this lead, in 2005, a group of parents combined their efforts to form a parent booster club as a part of their children's gym. It was also their goal and vision to underwrite the cost of all athletes attending competitions or training camps abroad. Many fundraising activities were hosted including steak outs, souse outs, cake sales, pre-competition displays and recitals.

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