WOW Experience 2019

Friday 27th September 2019  6:30 PM

Are you ready to create a brand that increases your VISIBILITY, CREDIBILITY & PROFITABILITY so that you can fully embrace all that you are and leave a greater impact?

At WOW Experience 2019, your WOW Factor will be UNLOCKED!

This is where your limiting beliefs will be transformed so that you can truly have the ideal life and brand that you desire.


You stop questioning your value and were confident in your ability to generate new and consistent revenue

How amazing it would be to learn how to position yourself & standout in a way that results in clients keep coming back

You knew the specific skills you have that can change the life of others in the form of products/services

The increase level of impact that can come once you learn how to define what you want to be known for

Knowing the steps required that will unlock your profit potential

Our lineup of speakers are persons who are making a tremendous impact in their areas of expertise as entrepreneurs, leaders and speakers. It's time to take your idea and business to the next level so that you can begin to thrive. The time is NOW!

WOW Experience 2019 is for you if you, if you want to learn more about:

~ Credibility - In Your Brand Clarity & Product/Service

~ Visibility - In Your Networking & Marketing/PR

~ Profitability - In Your Strategic Plans/Goals and Partnerships

Tickets available at: WOW


Come ready for your WOW Factor to be unlocked with each interactive and engaging experience with the following:

- Interactive Sessions

- Swag bags

- Networking

- Opportunity to Pitch Your Idea*

- An Exclusive Mastermind Experience*

And so much more

The mission for this WOW Experience is to assist women in progressing strategically from Idea to Launch.

If you are woman, feeling like "there is more" and not sure how to get unstuck, it's time for you to find your strength and move forward in a greater way. Each of these sessions, will help you with navigating your way from places of uncertainty to clarity with your ideas. It's YOUR turn now.

*Denotes Activities Included in the VIP Explosion Pass

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